I Really Should Not Shop Late (tipsy) at Night

I have an upcoming trip to my favorite place, Denver, CO. In lieu of said trip, I thought I’d get myself a little pretty, by way of a couple of broaches. I’m not that fancy, but I pretend. Picture it, Sicily… wait, that’s The Golden Girls. Whatever, I’ll be in Denver with one of my dearest, and local, friend–and I have to come correct.

That being said, what do we think?

Fancy, right?


Well, it does stand for Adriel.


Don’t worry, there will be accompanying pictures, as well as stories of my mishaps, which I’m sure will be plenty. This kid alone for a couple of night in Denver to explore (read: clear out a bar).

Tales from the Train: Lord of the Rings

As is my lot in life, I am usually saddled in the worst possible seat on the train. Usually surrounded by women, of a latin flavor, who have resigned themselves to believe that their cell phones are really just two tin cans connected by a string. I hear–and understand–everything. Most of their conversations are benign, others deal with a tumultuous relationship that, although they clutch that bible like a string of pearls, no saint, nor, priest, can resolve.

But on some occasions I am fortunate enough to get the single rider seat. The lone ranger, the Please Ignore Me seat, where, as you’ve seen, positions me directly across, face-to-face, with someone. My counterpart was another business person, minding their own business. But then come the stops.

Along my route, to and from work, I have ten stops. Some better than others, but I don’t judge (much).

On this fateful commute home not only did I get the lonely seat, but it was relatively empty. Or so I thought.

We pull into a typically dull and lifeless station, but today the creatures came out. Not only that, but they huddled around me as if I were expected to draw out play games on a white board and direct them on their life’s path.

I usually ignore the people and drown myself with the ongoings via NPR on the app on my phone, but something, out of the corner of my eye caught me. Like a barb on a fine sweater, as it were. I slowly, casually, raised my gaze only to see what I can only describe as a creature from The Lord of the Ring. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.



I’m hoping there are more digits on that stump, but I really can’t tell.

Adventures in Cat Sitting

This Labor Day weekend, and for a few days this week, I am house/cat sitting for a coworker and friend of mine. Not only am I great house sitter, but I make sure that you are kept informed of the fun your pet is having while you’re away.

In this case, and in honor of Labor Day, the kitty and I are celebrating my not laboring, and rather pampering. We decided that we would have a day of beauty. Here are the results.

Girl, you don’t have to tell me twice! (We like to gossip.)


Short nail, please.


Everyone loves a dramatic eye.


This broad is a wild one. We can’t keep out tops on.

And with that, dear friends, I hope you have a wonderful, and safe, Labor Day! Now I have to go apply face masks on the cat and myself. Then we’re trying on clothes. We’re busy over here.

Tales from the Train: Guess the Gender

I ride the Metro to work everyday and this has afforded me a plethora of experiences, which I plan to document here for the world to see. Think of it this way. It’s a, sometimes, cramped space that thrusts different cultures, values, and experiences in your face. From the business people to the hotel maids. The young single mother with way too many kids to the reformed gangster who is now using this confined space as a pulpit to preach. I love it.

I typically have my headphones in to avoid having to make eye contact with the random passenger who is selling chocolate bars (not because they are students or anything, they are in their late twenties and this is something they do). I like to think that this makes me invisible to people, which is why I take pictures of them. I can pretend to be changing a song or turning up the volume, but in reality I am snapping a picture to share with you, dear readers, so that you too may enjoy this carnival of carnage.

This time around, I was seated in one of the few single seats that face directly across from the other single seat. This is my ideal spot because no one sits next to me and I can take pictures and be a creep in private. On this fateful trip, the person who sat across from me was a rare specimen. At first I couldn’t tell if there were some chromosomes missing or if my glasses were smudged, but I was transfixed.

It took me a while to identify the gender of this lovely muse, and I thought to myself, “I have to capture this.” Clearly, by this person’s choice in shirt, they are down for a party!

Deep in thought.


I was dumbfounded. Who, or what, was I looking at? Then we came to the stretch of the track where it gets really bumpy, and as soon as that bosom got to swaying (each independent of the other, mind you) I realized, this is my Venus.

For good measure, I had to zoom in and capture this visage for posterity sake.


You’ll be glad to know that we are now friends and, and I don’t want to jinx things, but this could be the one!

This is the Beginning. Again.

Without making this sound like one of those dreadful monologues that open every episode of Grey’s Anatomy, let me impart on you some thought I’ve had and why I’m back. I’ll try to keep some mystery and secrets to encourage repeat visits, but those of you that know me personally should be very aware that I’m rarely lacking for stories or material—let alone hot shorts.

As you can imagine, a lot has happened since I last updated this site, which I believe was about two or three years ago. Every now and again I’ll be asked why I don’t update my site anymore, or even think the same thing to myself. I can sum up that answer with one word: naps. I love naps. I could enter a competition and win, even against cats. But I digress, that just makes me sound like a lame loser—which I’m not. Right?

In preparing for the Adriel Comeback Tour, or Adriel 2.0 (rather 3.0 at this age, who am I kidding), I decided to start with a clean slate. All previous entries have been deleted and I am going to approach this the same way I do a new bag of gummy bears or a stiff drink—I’m not satisfied until the job is done. I’m also challenging myself to write something everyday, however brief, while in my briefs.

I’ve also decided to focus on some major categories or topics along this journey. Yes, there will still be a random YouTube video or picture I find particularly hilarious, but I think you’ll enjoy what I have in store. Here’s a sneak peek.

Much like before, I’ll be sharing stories from my workplace. I’ve decided to incorporate some new slang the kids are using, Twerk! Here’s where you can read up on the inappropriate things that I say, do, or happen to me in the old nine-to-five.

Most of my material comes from my, as yet professionally diagnosed, crazy mother. Don’t get me wrong, I love the old broad, but trust me—she’s a handful. From conspiracy theories to belief in unicorns, you’ll get it all here!

I can’t deny the fact that I am a political junkie. I follow all the news and have opinions. I know things! This is my take on what’s going on in the world, but naturally with an Adriel Spin—but not too much, I get dizzy.


Let’s not be cute. It’s exactly what it sounds like. My dating life is as disastrous as an elderly person behind the wheel at a farmer’s market. But you’re in luck; my woes are your wonderful! Take a stroll with me and find out why the universe is giving me a strong suggestion to just settle down with a heard of cats and call it a night.


As an avid rider of the Los Angeles Metro system, I’ve amassed quite a few stories. Better yet, I’ve also become quite the spy when it comes to taking candid photos of people I encounter. Trust me, National Geographic would be jealous of some of the photos I have.

I’ll still share stories about my life, including the outings, the pseudo-celebrities, the band of cohorts I call friends, TV shows I’m obsessed with, and the like. Sadly, my viewing recommendations are mainly on shows that have long been off the air. (Have you heard about The West Wing?!)

I will respect people’s privacy and anonymity…when I feel like it. Some names have been changed to protect their already sullied reputation. I can’t really bring them down any further, but I’ll try! And that’s why we’re friends.

Without further ado, let’s begin. Please silence all cell phones and as always, no flash photography.

Are You Syria-s?

Just when we were wrapping up the wars in the Middle East, here comes Syria to stir the pot a bit. Now, I don’t condone the actions of using chemical weapons, especially on your own people, many of which were children. But by the same token, I also don’t agree with the fact that we’re becoming more an more like the movie, Team America: World Police.

Hell yeah! ‘Merica!

I get it, we are a global super power and we should help to protect other countries maintain peace, but come on, this is getting ridiculous. We have plenty of issues to fix here at home before we start poking our nose in other people’s business. Realistically, what will this accomplish? We go blow some stuff up to try and intimidate, then they get hate us even more, and it’s then a War of the Roses vicious cycle.

And last time I checked, we need congressional approval to go to war, and at this point, they are too busy trying to defund an already established law (Obamacare) or rebrand themselves as the non-racist racist party.

Then there’s Egypt. Oh Lort! They can’t seem to get it together over there. They elect a president, then realize he was working for the other side, so they have the military kidnap him. Kidnap! Can you imagine if that happened here?

Mmmm. I don’t like these taxes. Let’s go drag Obama out of the White House and show him what’s what. (Read with a sassy tone.)

The only bright light about the issues in Egypt is that I get regular reports from my boyfriend, Ayman Mohyeldin. Boy can that guy cover a conflict. Every time he comes on from that balcony to report about the protests I drop what I’m doing and my pants. I’m a sucker for smarts, what can I say?

I know things!

I just hope we can clear these things up peacefully and quickly, but who are we kidding? Any time the Middle East is involved it’s never quick or easy.

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