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Multi-channel Dashboard

Work in comfort while our multi-channel Dashboard does all the heavy lifting. Gain critical insights into ROAS with real-time transparent data.


All data in one dashboard

Get real-time transparent data from multiple channels

Make the most of your team’s work efficiency by reducing the time it takes to alternate between Facebook Ads Manager, Google Analytics, and other third-party tools.

Connect your ad accounts and upload your data to a single dashboard.

Compare results between different ad channels and view all the important metrics at a glance.


Pivot table

Customize reports in your favorite format

If you manage several campaigns and ad accounts, you may feel lost in a sea of data.

With our Dashboard, you can gain insight from your data by grouping your campaigns by channel, target location, product, seasonal promotion, or any other category. This way, the numbers are always beautifully summarized for you.


Overview with a focus on ROAS

Know where to focus for higher returns

As a leader, you should be able to quickly understand the ROAS of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Adriel’s Dashboard helps you gain critical insights into the return on ad spend with real-time transparent data.

Our Dashboard shows you how much your campaigns are spending, how much you’re earning from them, and what needs to be done to maximize returns.


Interactive dashboard

React faster, so you never miss a golden opportunity.


Interactive dashboard

Update campaigns across all channels from a single workspace

Take action and manage all of your campaigns from one place. You can reallocate budgets or stop money-leaking campaigns with just a few clicks.

Command once using Adriel to automatically apply changes to all channels. No more jumping from platform to platform.


Interactive dashboard

Switch on/off easily

React quickly to important decisions such as turning off underperforming ads and turning on potential winning ads. This way, nothing is overlooked and you get results from your actions instantly.


Interactive dashboard

Budget reallocation

You can easily change how much money you put into each ad channel. Ensure maximum performance results by reallocating budgets to better-performing creatives and channels.

Command and control your advertising

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