Alarm & Suggestions

Monitoring and controlling on your behalf, 24/7

With Adriel's cross-channel alarm system working around the clock, your time spent on analyzing data is significantly reduced. Figure out how to extract more value from your budget. We will alert you at the right moment and offer you suggestions to make sure you’re not missing out on any important opportunities.


Suggestions for campaign on/off

Scale winning ads and stop losing ads

Adriel’s suggestion system aims to make your digital marketing more profitable than ever by letting you turn your campaigns and ads on/off directly from Adriel. Get a wider perspective of your entire campaign and learn how to optimize for higher profits.


Suggestions for budget reallocation

Maximize ROI by reallocating budgets across different channels

Get instant suggestions on reallocating your budget to the best performing campaigns. Instead of cross-checking multiple channels, know which campaign/ad budgets to increase and grow your business by acting on unbiased insights.

Command and control your advertising