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All your data connections in one place, Connection Page

4 March, 2020

Connecting your data assets is unquestionably one of the most important factors for success in the world of more complex online marketing. Data that is created and stored in different platforms is essential for a more effective optimization process. Hence, we now provide a ‘Connection Page’, where the data assets from different platforms can easily be connected on a single page. These connections will enable us to process ‘Conversion optimization’.

Automated Keywords Suggestions

11 October, 2019

Are you having difficulties in targeting the right customers when launching online advertisements? Many businesses that are currently running their own campaigns and that are trying to launch them for the first time, face this problem — We introduce you to our new service to solve it!

Meet Adriel's new feature - Mobile app advertising service

31 October, 2019

Let us help you focus more on app development! Adriel has recently launched its mobile app advertising service for small businesses and startups. The service allows businesses to run ads efficiently on various platforms such as Google UAC, Apple App store, Facebook and Instagram.

Your personal performance manager, 'My Manager'

11 February, 2020

How convenient would it be to see your campaign and payment status in one place? Using Adriel’s My Manager feature lets you see your campaign’s information on a single interface in real-time!