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How Paparico spotlights their services in a competitive landscape

Agency service differentiation in a competitive landscape


Paparico is an AI-driven digital marketing agency based in the UK. Their mission is to leverage AI in delivering high ROI. Despite having a solid business model based on the latest pieces of technology, their services didn’t get the spotlight they deserved in an increasingly crowded market. To get around this roadblock, the Paparico team wanted to leverage what they do best - technology - to tackle the status quo. They decided to lift the agency veil, and provide full operational transparency to their clients by streaming performance metrics to a third-party solution. To take things further, Paparico also wanted to be able to provide real-time updates and reports that were entirely in tune with their clients’ expectations.


Adriel’s dashboard turned out to be exactly what Paparico needed. Giving clients direct access to a centralized workspace that charted out every relevant KPI and metric in a transparent manner established a sense of trust and proximity between clients and account managers. It also took loads off the account managers’ plate by effectively getting rid of the need to build reports from scratch with each incoming client request. The increased customer satisfaction also lead to a snowball word of mouth effect, which their team couldn’t be happier with.

Adriel made it easy to track online ads across multiple platforms. The process is much more straightforward than using Google and Facebook separately. My clients keep raving about what a breath of fresh air Adriel is for them!

Founder and CEO, Paparico

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