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Refer and Get Rewarded

Invite your clients or partners to Adriel
and get 20% commission
on every qualifying subscription.
Become an Adriel Affiliate

Partner through
Adriel’s affiliate program
to help businesses market smarter with AdOps

Share your referral link

A referral link will be issued upon enrollment.
The process is straightforward and
there’s no separate enrollment fee.

Make profit with each subscription

Once the referent subscribes to a plan,
you’ll get 20% of the revenue as a referral fee.

Make Your Life Easier as a Marketer
and Business Leader with AdOps

Marketing teams spend over half of their time collecting and organizing data from disparate sources.
Adriel offers an interactive single source of truth that provides a 360-degree view of standardized metrics and allows for instant collaboration across teams and stakeholders.

AdOps will help marketing teams make the most out of their day by letting them focus on tasks that move the needle and drive ROI

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Interested in smarter marketing and higher work productivity?
The Adriel affiliate program is for you

For Marketers
of All Stripes

Impress your peers with a cutting-edge AdOps solution. Don’t miss out
on a chance to stand out as a marketing visionary within your community.

Rich Network
of Influencers

From startups to multinational enterprises, Adriel works with companies of all sizes. Leverage our extensive network to grow your reach.

for Business Growth

Join the movement as we carry out
our mission of providing a seamless
marketing experience and share
the joy of seeing businesses grow.

Help Businesses Market Smarter

Share the joy of seeing your peers grow
while enjoying a handsome profit.
Become an Adriel Affiliate

Greater the Impact, Greater the Profit

Simple Steps to Becoming an Affiliate

Submit application

We’ll review the application
before issuing a referral link.
Upon submission, additional materials will be provided to help you and your partner get a better sense of
what an AdOps solution is.

Referral link

Share the link with your partners
who’ll get a 14-day free trial to explore. Adriel’s features and services
after signing up.

Sharing Revenue

We’ll share 20 percent of
what we make when the referred
party subscribes to a plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still become an affiliate if I’m not currently subscribed to a plan?
Can I still become an affiliate if there’s less than a handful of companies I could introduce?
How long does it take to get the referral link after joining the program?
How are referral fees calculated?
Where can I look to learn more about Adriel?

An Opportunity to Take Productivity to the Next Level

Join our affiliate program to help your partners grow.
Become an Adriel Affiliate