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Creating Ads

How to create a campaign for a website

How to create a campaign without a website (Lead ads)

How to create a mobile app campaign

Requirements for creating an 'app install' campaign on each platform

How do I edit my ad?

I can't see the Facebook page I want to connect

Ad Policy

My campaign is in review status. When can I expect it to be finished?

Prohibited & Restricted Content

Website Tracker

Requirements for creating a conversion campaign on each platform.

Connecting to Facebook Pixel

Connecting Google Analytics

How to track conversions in Google Analytics

Ad Performance

Is it possible to see my Facebook, Instagram ads?

Can I get a detailed report of my ad performance?

Invoice and Payment

How often will I be billed?

Where can I see my receipt?

Is it possible to launch a campaign without submitting my card details?

How will my coupon be applied to my campaign?

Account Setting

Why and how to create an additional ad account under the same user ID

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