• Do I need to manually upload data to Adriel’s Dashboard?


    Once your ad account's connection on Adriel is complete, we automatically fetch and update our dashboard with the ad account's data, real-time.

    Find out more about Connections.

  • Which advertising channels does Adriel Support?

    Adriel currently supports Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Criteo, Naver and Kakao API connections.

    If you wish to see data from ad accounts of channels that Adriel currently does not support, e.g. TV commercials, you can also manually upload the data on a csv format.

    Find out more about Connections.

  • Which campaign settings can I update with Adriel?

    There're several settings you can update on Adriel.

    1. Activate or deactivate campaigns, ad sets, and individual ads.
    2. Edit schedule.
    3. Edit budget.

    Find out more about Dashboard.

  • Adriel vs Google Analytics: What’s the difference?

    Adriel is built around paid ad management to help you 1. make more informed decisions regarding its management 2. in a much shorter time.

    We combine information from several trackers including Google Analytics, but not limited to it. We currently support data from Facebook Pixel, SDK, and Appsflyer as well.

  • Adriel vs Facebook/Google Ads: What’s the difference?

    Here’s what Adriel can do that the other guys can’t:

    • Review and edit all of your campaigns on one Dashboard, regardless of which channels they are from.
    • Create and customize your alarms and receive suggestions based on your campaigns' performance, so you do not miss important patterns.
    • Organize data in any breakdowns and metrics you want, so you can focus on what matters most to you.
  • Can I control who can update or view campaign settings?


    As long you have an 'Admin' role in the workspace, you can determine which members in the workspace should have 'View only', 'View and Edit', and 'Admin' roles.

    After you have added members to your workspace, you can control their access in terms of ad account level. Account-based permissions help you protect your data, particularly when you are working with external partners and agencies.

    Find out more about the roles in Account Management.

  • Will Adriel share my data with third parties?

    Your data will never be shared with any third parties except for the limited purposes described in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

    Data security is a top priority at Adriel. Our servers are located in a world-class data center that is under 24-hour surveillance and we regularly make security updates to our app.

  • How does the free trial work?

    To start a free trial, you simply need to sign up on Adriel. No credit card information is required.

    Free trial offers the following features free of charge for 14 days:

    • Connect as many ad accounts as you want.
    • See a consolidated overview of all your ad accounts in one place.
    • Edit your campaigns from the Dashboard, including turning them on and off, changing their budgets or schedules, and more.
    • Get automatic notifications about marketing performance.
    • Create customized Dashboard views.
    • Invite as many team members as you want and control their level of access to your campaigns.

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  • Do you require a credit card to begin?


    There is no need to register a credit card to start Adriel’s free trial, so you don’t have to worry about being charged after your free trial ends.

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  • Have more questions?

    Check out the Adriel support center for more information.

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