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It's all about higher returns on your paid advertising

Monitor and control all your digital marketing in one place

  • Centralizing data is the first step towards high ROAS - Gain precise insight through a comprehensive view of all your campaigns from numerous channels.

  • Get clear visibility of campaign KPIs and achievement rates with real-time transparent data.

  • Control everything yourself. No more hassle from hundreds of reports and e-mails.

Check key numbers with your favorite format in a matter of seconds

  • Organize campaigns by customizing the dashboard to your preference.

  • Combine data for cross-platform insights you can’t get anywhere else.

  • User-friendly interface to no longer feel lost in hundreds of campaigns and ad accounts.

Catch green & red signals faster than ever before

  • Don't miss golden opportunities to maximize ROI- Identify and reach faster to problems and opportunities.

  • Get notified in real-time of well and poor-performing campaigns in terms of ROAS, CPA, CPC and many more.

  • Gain additional insights and suggestions to constantly improve your campaigns for higher profits.

Take game-changing action immediately

  • Reallocate campaign budgets to higher-performing creatives & channels.

  • Stop money-leaking campaigns with just a few clicks.

  • Command once and automatically apply changes to all channels.

Invite others to collaborate

  • Get your colleagues and agencies involved by sharing Adriel’s Dashboard to make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Maximize team efficiency by centralizing all data onto one platform.

  • Catch up with the activity history from your team in real-time with easy follow-ups.

From small business owners to Fortune 500 marketers - everyone achieves more with Adriel

Marketing agency for SMBs, Italy

The best feature s the report: how your money is being spent, clicks, conversions and comparison of you campaigns on different platforms.

Designer Bengal, Singapore

Adriel saved 70% of my time on marketing at a reasonable price.

Zen Media, New York

In 2 weeks, Adriel managed to send more traffic to my clients than working directly myself.

PR Agency, UK

Adriel helps find the right channel and proper audience. The process is much more straightforward than using Google and Facebook separately.

Awards & Recognition

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Ad-spend-based plans to help you reach your goals.

All plans include a 14-days free trial.


Entrepreneurs managing digital marketing

Up to $5,000 monthly ad spend
14-day access to all features included in the Professional Plan
Access to all channels

Businesses seeking to take their digital marketing to the next level with deeper insights

From $199
Up to $100,000 monthly ad spend
All Basic Plan features
Unlimited seats for multi-user collaboration

Marketing teams of mid-large companies looking for a custom ad management platform

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$100,000+ monthly ad spend
All Professional Plan features
Custom training sessions through phone calls or web conferences

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