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eCommerce Dashboard Template and Examples

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What is an eCommerce dashboard template?

An eCommerce dashboard template highlights key KPIs, trends, and relationships related to the performance of your eCommerce website and ad campaigns.
If you have ad campaigns for your online store, a ready-made web template will show you exactly how much revenue is generated from each ad channel, how much you spent on it, and what the conversions and return on investments on your ads are.

What type of information is displayed on the dashboard?

An eCommerce dashboard displays all the essential KPIs of your ad campaigns and how they contributed to sales and revenue on your online store. Here are some of them:

Daily / weekly trends per channel

Get an overview of the revenue, ad spend, ROAS, and conversions generated from your ad campaigns on each channel.

Revenue and conversions distribution

Find out which channels are generating the highest revenue and conversions and which are not performing as well.

Ad spend distribution

Know exactly how you’re spending your ad budgetand reallocate dollars right on the admin dashboard template.

Return on ad spend per channel

Measure how well campaigns are performing and what can be done to make the most out of the marketing budget.

What are the benefits of an eCommerce dashboard template?

Selecting an online retail platform like Shopify is only the first step to building a successful eCommerce web app. In today’s ever-changing market, having direct access to customized data-driven metrics and insights is more important than ever.

With eCommerce admin panel templates, you can uncover new ways to maximize sales and revenue with real-time insights on your ad campaigns and SEO efforts. Here are three main benefits of investing in one:

1. Manage cross-platform ad campaigns at scale

Dashboards pull large volumes of data from thousands of platforms through automatic plugins and centralize them on a single multipurpose admin template. This means you and your marketing team can manage ad campaigns efficiently without having to click in and out of different platforms multiple times a day.
Take Sery Box Healthcare – a Korean health and supplement company that advertises across five digital marketing channels: Facebook, Instagram, Kakao, Google, and Naver. The company uses 60 different advertising accounts with hundreds of ad creatives.
For Sery, using the cross-platform data management function on Adriel’s eCommerce dashboard proved to be an instant game-changer. Now, the team can easily cross-check the status and spending for each marketing channel without hindered communication.

It also meant less time spent on reporting and more time discussing key insights, ideas, and further marketing campaign strategies, which moved projects forward much faster and more effectively.

2. Optimize for ROAS with real-time data and custom alerts

When you have an automated tool that monitors key metrics in real-time, you can quickly take advantage of opportunities and fix issues as they arise.
On Adriel’s eCommerce website template, you’ll be able to set custom performance alerts that notify you instantly when an ad campaign goes above or beyond predetermined KPIs.

Quickly pull resources away from underperforming campaigns and ramp up investments into cash cows to see better ROAS for your online store.

3. A/B test creatives on a single platform to create better ads

Testing new messaging and creatives against specific audience groups is an integral part of your eCommerce or SaaS marketing strategy. A/B testing your ads helps identify the causal impact that a strategic change has on a given success metric.
On Adriel, you can conduct creative A/B testing right on your bootstrap admin template. Our Creative Intelligence Suite centralizes and visualizes the ad copy, titles, colors, and visuals that worked in attracting clicks and engagement, as well as those that didn’t perform well in previous campaigns.

A Comprehensive All-in-One Social Media Dashboard to Monitor All Your Paid Media KPIs

Easily Track Paid Campaign Results in a Single eCommerce Dashboard

Integrate all your paid ad channels’ results into one eCommerce dashboard.
Curious to know how your Meta, Google, or TikTok Ads are performing? Connect all of these platforms to Adriel, and in less than 5 minutes, show all of your paid campaign results in one unified dashboard. See our integrations page for more information.

Create an Insightful eCommerce Dashboard Using Our Pre-made Templates

You can start from a blank page to create an eCommerce dashboard, but what if you don’t have time? Our extensive pre-made eCommerce dashboard library has everything you might need.

Try Adriel, and you’ll have more time to research ways to increase conversion or optimize your landing pages.

White-Labeling & Customization In Our eCommerce Reporting Tool

Our software was expertly designed with powerful functions for marketers. But everything can be customized. Adriel’s flexibility allows you to change all aspects of the dashboard design and appearance. Impress your clients or manager with a professional eCommerce dashboard report for an expert brand image.

Why Leading Advertisers Choose Adriel

Amore Pacific
Eliminate manual reporting
Spend more time acting for impact and less time on repetitive tasks
Foolproof your data
Say goodbye to data translation risks with aoutomated data transfers and harmonization
Get real-time alerts
Automatically track KPIs and insure all your campaigns against unforeseeable errors
Drive better performance
Access a full suite of creative intelligence tools designed to help you maximize performance
White label your work
Generate beautifully branded reports your clients will love in miunutes
Offer better services
Get more time to do what you love and build more trustworthy relationships

What our customers are saying:

Management Cost
Hours saved per week
I was always asking for reports from my teams but by the time I got them it was too late to capitalize on some important insights, which hindered our growth. Now I just sign in to Adriel and see everything for myself as it happens.
J.Riley, CEO of Edge
Digital Agency
Satisfied Clients
Hours saved per week
Adriel made it easy for us to track our online ads across multiple platforms. The reporting process is now a lot more straightforward for my account managers, and our clients are in love with their new live dashboards. What a win!
P. Townley Jones, Founder of Paparico
Marketing Agency

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How many widgets does the template offer?
Adriel’s dashboard template offers six main types of widgets:

 • Pivot tables: Categorize your campaigns, ad sets, and ads with your choice of metrics and dimensions. Create custom breakdowns per product, market, or promotion to go even further in analysis.
 • Single metric widget: Structure your dashboard in an intuitive way and track down individual KPIs you’d like to keep close tabs on. Compare performance with past data and see trends.
 • Notepad widget: Organize all your thoughts by means of visual elements such as text, images, or videos along with the KPIs on your dashboard, which streamlines communication with ease.
 • Creative widget: Customize your KPIs displayed on creative cards and obtain in-depth insights for the best and worst-performing ad creatives across your client’s digital marketing channels.
 • Draggable widget: Zoom in on specific marketing metrics and visualize trends and relationships. Just drag-and-drop widgets directly from the side panel onto your workspace for easier access.
 • Resizeable widget: Adjust the height or width of a certain widget within the constraints of your workspace and fine-tune how much information or types of data you want to see on each widget.
Which KPIs should I track on my eCommerce dashboard?
Apart from revenue, ad spend, ROAS, and conversions, you can also track these KPIs:

 • Cost per lead
 • Cost per acquisition
 • Click through rate (for traffic-focused campaigns)
 • View through rate (for video campaigns)
 • Cost per view
 • Clicks and online engagement
 • Website traffic
Can I also track data from Google Analytics on my eCommerce template?
Yes, you can. Adriel supports integrations with 5000+ data sources on the backend, ranging from:

 • Ad accounts: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Advertising, etc.
 • E-commerce social platforms: Pinterest, Reddit
 • Programmatic platforms: Walmart Connect
 • Analytics tools: Google Analytics
 • Mobile analytics tools: AppsFlyer, Adjust
 • …and other sales and CRM tools

Check out this page for a full list of integrations.

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