Adriel Glossary
Ad Impressions

Ad Impressions

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Adriel Glossary
Ad Impressions

Ad Impressions

Impressions on Adriel’s marketing dashboard – Adriel
Impressions KPI on Adriel’s marketing dashboard

What are ad impressions

There’s no other KPI as straightforward as impressions. 

Impressions are the total number of times any of your web pages or your ads appear in search engine results and are viewed by users. 

An ad impression occurs whenever a user sees your advertisement or content, and whether it was clicked or viewed until the end (in the case of a video ad). However, ad impressions alone can’t tell you much about overall engagement or conversions. 

But impressions matter greatly in branding. Customers need to repeatedly see your brand name across different channels before they decide to buy from you. Studies show that consumers need to see your brand many times across multiple channels spanning from paid campaigns to organic content before your brand makes an impression, leading to the final sale and bottom funnel conversion.

What is the importance of calculating impressions?

Ad impressions are also essential in understanding the total cost of a campaign. Most online ad providers charge clients based on cost-per-mile (CPM), which requires you to pay a certain amount per one-thousand impressions. CPM is the most commonly used billing method for reach campaigns. 

For instance, if your advertisement garnered 20,000 impressions, and the CPM is $5, then your total campaign cost should be 20,000 x $5 = $100,000. 

The average CPM on each of these ad providers in 2021 was: 

Platform Average CPM
Google Search Ads $38.40
Google Display Ads $3.12
Facebook Ads $8.60
Instagram Ads $8.96
Twitter Ads $6.46
LinkedIn Ads $6.59
Pinterest Ads $30

Source: Online Advertising Costs in 2021, TopDraw

Measuring ad impressions on Adriel

Tables including ad impression measurement on Adriel’s marketing dashboard – Adriel
Impressions by channels and ad creatives on Adriel’s marketing dashboard

Exposure for your online ad campaigns is measured in terms of total ad impressions, which are the number of times an ad is displayed to potential customers. Meaning, it is the number of times that your adverts were shown on-screen.  

You can measure ad impressions through Adriel’s marketing dashboard across multiple ad channels, creatives, keywords, and audiences.  

To see what it’s like to measure and analyze campaign performance with absolute ease, head on over to your workspace on Adriel and play around with intelligent dashboards powered by cutting-edge ad operations technology. 

Talk to our product specialist today.

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