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If you want to move your marketing data into databases, spreadsheets, or BI platforms, is great. But if you need an all-in-one marketing command center where you can monitor KPIs in real-time, download reports, and get more insights for growth, Adriel is for you.
Fast and easy integrations
Real-time dashboards
Custom alerts & automations
Creative Insights

Adriel vs.

Spend more time growing your business and let Adriel handle the rest.
Custom integrations
Ease of use
Account overview of key metrics
Data refresh frequency
Real time
Data blending
Custom metrics
Alarm system
Creative intelligence
Native campaign management
Client reporting
White labeling
Customer support
High quality
Setup difficulty
Cost (in US dollars)
From $299/month;500+; true; Medium; false; Not real-time; true; true; false; false; false; true; false; High quality; Hard; Free plan with limitations, Paid plans from $1100 to $2585+/mo
Join 6300+ agencies and brands using Adriel to track and improve ad performance

Why leading marketers choose Adriel over

On Adriel, you can:
Get real-time data from all your channels
Adriel is more than just a data-moving tool. Connect to 650+ channels on Adriel, and see all your KPIs and key metrics on the dashboard instantly - no extra BI tools needed.
To see your KPIs and metrics, you'll need to stream multiple sets of data from into a data visualization tool like Tableau. This is difficult and time-consuming, taking anywhere from days or even months.
This is impressive. It takes months with Datorama to get what Adriel does in 5 minutes.

Leslie Lee | Director of Analytics, Incus Services

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Monitor ad performance in real-time
Use our pre-made templates to design real-time dashboards instantly, and choose from 30+ interactive widgets and charts for further customization. Group and filter campaigns by channel, location, product, or any other category with our custom breakdowns, and dive deeper into your data. White label as you please with no extra BI tool needed.
Although provides templates, the platform only supports scheduled refreshes, and the refresh frequency depends on the channel and type of metrics (typically once a day).
We are growing fast, and agile is the keyword for us right now. Adriel is enabling our team to make quick decisions in a fast-paced marketing environment.

Paula Baker-Parkin | Digital Strategist, Nourish3d

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Manage all your campaigns in one place
No more jumping from platform to platform. Reallocate budgets or stop money-leaking, ineffective campaigns with just a few clicks. Adriel automatically apply changes across all channels. is purely a data pipeline tool. There's no option to edit your campaigns directly on the platform.
Adriel is an extremely comprehensive and useful tool for all of our marketing efforts – you don’t have to check a ton of ad platform dashboards every morning. Simply log into Adriel and check it there.

Alex Eriksson | Founder and CEO, Anabolic Health

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Never waste ad spend again with custom alerts
Adriel notifies you immediately via email or on your dashboards when KPIs trend up or down. Customize alerts across specific data sources, campaigns, ad sets, or ad levels, and turn off those that are leaking money right on your dashboard. doesn't alert you of performance changes.
Adriel is giving us the freedom to experiment a lot more freely than we could before. Their alarm system has basically put our QA process on autopilot.

Dax Hamman | Founder & CEO, Fireside Agency

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Maximize ROAS with creatives that converts
Import, analyze, and A/B test all your creatives natively from your Adriel workspace. See which keywords, colors, and emojis convert well and drive profitable campaigns for clients. supports ad-creative level granularity but you will not find ad creative insights or advanced creative performance reporting.
Adriel’s ability to display ad creatives directly within our performance reports has made exploring data a lot more insightful.

Vik Kumar | COO, Alice Camera

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Adriel’s automations are a game-changer. With their dashboards in hand, everyone on my team finally gets to do what they were hired for: analyzing and planning for further growth.
M. Park
CEO, Analogue Plus
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Integrate with your favorite marketing platforms in seconds

Not a single line of code required. The most user-friendly AdOps platform on the market.
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You have our support, always

Personalized Onboarding
Get your dashboards up and running just the way you need them with your Customer Success Manager in the first 15 to 60 days.
Live Chat and FAQs
Have quick questions as you're using the app? Message us directly on your dashboard and a real-person will get back to you.
Or check out our FAQs.
Adriel Academy
Get step-by-step guides on connecting your data, setting up your dashboard, and managing users and permissions.
Visit Adriel Academy here.

Transparent pricing. No hidden fees.'s pricing starts with a free plan but most heavy users can expect to spend between $1500 and $2500. Funnel's free plan which comes with 350 "Flexpoints" and up to five users. This adds up to about 2 data sources and 2 data destinations, or 4 data sources and 1 destination.

Adriel offers more flexibility in pricing. Our Professional plan starts from $299/month but Team and Enterprise plans offer more, with a scalable pricing system per total data sources and users. See here for a complete price list.

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All your questions answered. And if you can’t find it here, chat to our friendly team.
Why should I invest in Adriel?
We understand that marketing dashboards can be a significant investment. But Adriel has been proven to be a revenue generator - not an expense. Agencies and brands currently using Adriel are maximizing return on ad spend by tapping into the real-time insights and ad creative analysis on the platform. Read their success stories here.
Do I need to manually upload data to Adriel?
No. Once your data sources are connected to Adriel, we automatically fetch and update all your dashboards with your data, in real-time.
Can I get a custom data integration?
Yes. If you don't see a connection you need from our 650+ native integrations, just let us know and we will build it for you.
Can you run my ads for me?
Unfortunately, no. Adriel is a marketing intelligence platform and we're not authorized to run your ads for you. However, you can manage all your ad campaigns directly on Adriel without having to go into different platforms. Reallocate budgets and turn campaigns on and off with just a few clicks.
How easily can I get help?
We fully understand the struggles you have to go through when onboarding a new piece of software. Although Adriel is easy to get started with, we offer an extensive client onboarding process that spans 15 to 60 days. During this time, we meet with you once or twice a week to make sure you can connect to all your data sources, see all your data, and automate your reports. You can also find extensive documentation and videos on Adriel Academy or reach out to us directly if you need individual support.
What does do? is a data integration platform designed to collect, unify, and automate marketing data from various sources. It acts as a central hub, seamlessly connecting with an array of data sources, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, social media platforms, CRMs, and more.

The ultimate goal is to provide marketers and business owners with a comprehensive view of their marketing performance. Other similar tools include Supermetrics and Improvado.

However, Funnel is not a data visualization or business intelligence tool. This means that you’ll need to invest in an extra BI tool like Looker Studio to see and track your marketing metrics.

In contrast, Adriel is an all-in-one marketing analytics and BI dashboard to connect, visualize, and manage all your ad campaigns on one single space.

How much does cost? has three four different pricing plans:

  1. Free: for individual users and those who want to try out Funnel before committing. But in this plan, you only get “flexpoints” which measure your usage. Every time you connect to a data source or share a data, you use a flexpoint.
  2. $1100/month: for small business and teams. You get 1000 flexpoints, which can be enough if you don’t have massive volumes of data.
  3. Custom: Funnel’s enterprise plan. This pricing is hidden behind a “talk to sales” wall but based on online reviews it can cost around $2400 and up.

Adriel’s pricing model is a lot more transparent and marketing agency-friendly.

Our plans start from $299/month, including all our powerful features like ad creative insights, real-time dashboards, custom alarms, and white-labeling. No hidden fees, no extra costs.

See the full breakdown here.

All plans also come with a 14 day free trial which includes:

  • 650+ data connectors
  • Unlimited custom dashboards and reports
  • Custom alerts and notifications about marketing performance
  • Unified digital marketing command centre where you can edit your multichannel campaigns directly from your dashboard
  • As many team members as you want and control their level of access to your campaigns.

Book a demo here.

What are the benefits of

As a data ETL tool, Funnel offers several advantages:

  1. Streamlined Data Collection: saves time and effort by automating data collection from multiple marketing platforms, eliminating the need for manual data entry and spreadsheet juggling.
  2. Real-Time Insights: With, you can access real-time metrics and KPIs, empowering you to make data-driven decisions on the fly.
  3. Integration Powerhouse: boasts an extensive list of integrations, connecting seamlessly with tools like Tableau, Google Data Studio, and Microsoft Power BI for advanced data visualization and analysis.
  4. Customizable Templates: The platform offers customizable templates for popular marketing platforms, simplifying the onboarding process.
  5. Enhanced Attribution: provides advanced attribution modeling, helping you understand the impact of each marketing channel on your conversions.
  6. Data Transformation: You can clean, transform, and enrich your data within, ensuring the data you analyze is accurate and actionable.

But again, you will need to stream data from Funnel onto another BI tool to visualize your metrics and start tracking them. This adds an extra layer of complexity and cost.

Adriel, on the other hand, is a seamless and easy to use marketing dashboard that connects, unifies, visualizes all your ad campaign data in one place.

Stay on top of your ad performance 24/7 with our custom alerts, whitelabel your dashboards and reports in a few clicks, get ad creative insights, and edit your campaigns directly from Adriel.

Grab a demo here.

Is worth it?

The answer to whether is worth it largely depends on your specific needs.

If you need an Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) tool and find yourself spending hours collecting, consolidating, and manually analyzing data from various marketing platforms, can help.

However, if you need an all-in-one marketing dashboard, Adriel is the best alternative to

Adriel’s features include:

  • Real-time Data from All Channels: Adriel connects to 650+ channels, offering instant access to KPIs and metrics on a unified dashboard. Save time and eliminate the need for additional BI tools with Adriel.
  • Real-time Ad Performance Monitoring: Adriel provides pre-made templates for real-time dashboards with 30+ interactive widgets and charts. Customization options are extensive, and white-labeling is available, all without the need for extra BI tools.
  • Campaign Management in One Place: Adriel streamlines campaign management, allowing budget reallocation and campaign adjustments across all channels within a single platform.
  • Custom Alerts: Adriel sends immediate alerts via email or on the dashboard for KPI trends, offering customization down to specific data sources, campaigns, and ad levels.
  • Maximize ROAS with Creatives: Adriel enables import, analysis, and A/B testing of creatives from the platform, providing insights into what keywords, colors, and elements drive successful campaigns.

All these features make it a robust and efficient alternative to, which may require additional tools and lack certain functionalities like real-time data access and campaign editing.

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