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Why Businesses Need Centralized Dashboards in 2022

Efficiency is by far the most vital part of a business and the tools that are provided to workers directly affect a business’s efficiency.

Better tools = better outcomes.

Man using tools

Digital marketing teams employ a variety of tools that include anything from PPC management to marketing analysis. To perform in top gear, they look for a single platform where all their various needs can be met.

Centralized Dashboards are the solution.

A Centralized Dashboard provides all the essential tools in a single, unified virtual workspace. Centralized Dashboards assist marketing managers with obtaining a clearer view of all ad campaigns and boosting the overall efficiency of your marketing team,  helping them operate at their full potential.

Here are some ways using a Centralized Dashboard benefits business owners and digital marketing teams alike.

1. Transparency and Clarity of Data

A Centralized Dashboard, also known as a Multi-Platform Dashboard, provides you with a bird’s eye view of all your digital marketing data. Having data in one place is a great starting point for discerning true and impactful insights.

A Centralized Dashboard offers data from multiple ad platforms, all within a single data set. Comparing data from multiple platforms is made so much easier when everything is in one place. Simply knowing the actual cost and ROI of paid ads as an entirety is a huge part of achieving maximum budget efficiency, and it is made possible thanks to Centralized Dashboards.

Collated data provides insight from the advertiser’s (your) perspective instead of the ad channels’ perspective. Several different insights from a range of different ad channels can be difficult to analyze and may be biased in their favor. Centralized Dashboards prevent this by granting you a much broader scope of your overall marketing data than you would otherwise get from multiple sources.

No more scrounging around from platform to platform. Avoid all the hassle altogether and see the bigger picture through a single digital marketing tool.

2. Enhanced Team Efficiency

In 2020, businesses around the world realized that workers don’t actually need to be in the same workplace to be able to perform their jobs. Consequently, remote work has become increasingly common and will continue to increase in prevalence.

With workers laboring in separate places, it is crucial to ensure that everyone within a team is up-to-date and working together so as to achieve a common goal.

Team members planning together

Centralized Dashboards offer a single virtual workspace for colleagues to work with alongside digital marketing teams or with external agencies. A team using a Centralized Dashboard immediately benefits from the following:

Centralized Information – Staying focused, never losing sight of goals and objectives

Built-in Chatroom – Communication and Collaboration issues kept to a minimum

Accessibility – Immediate and direct access to everything necessary to succeed

Ability to customize your Centralized Dashboard, allowing your team to avoid any irrelevant data and focus on what really matters. With every team-member enjoying easy access to the same information, the possibility for human error is minimized.

3. Immense Time Saver

Time is Money. The more quickly problems are resolved, the more quickly they can move forward.

Centralized Dashboards provide centralized information and data across multiple platforms, as well as an effective communication tool to keep all team members informed and updated in the same workspace.

Thus, a Centralized Dashboard can save you time on the following:

  • Wasted time due to miscommunication
  • Maintaining team team focus
  • Dealing with files and documents from different platforms
  • Reviewing and analyzing data separately

All these tasks can be tedious and time consuming. A great deal of time is wasted in the effort to locate, upload, and organize files and documents, let alone communicating this kind of information amongst team members.

Digital marketing teams and agencies should constantly be up-to-date on all operations and be ready for any issues which may arise, in light of that it is imperative to resolve all issues whenever they arise.

4. Convenience

Convenience alone could be the sole reason why digital marketing teams should use Centralized Dashboards.

A Centralized Dashboard links together different ad platforms and tools. Even if team members are in physically separate locations, using a Centralized Dashboard allows them to work through a single, unified virtual workspace.

Additionally, working with too many platforms and software suites is difficult. Cross referencing can be particularly exhausting and time consuming.

With a Centralized Dashboard, chatrooms, ad platforms, reports, and other essential digital marketing tools can be all used in tandem. Through a single platform, you can check anything from performance results to conversion rates to revenue, and much more.

5. Decision Making

Last but definitely not least…

Positive and impactful decisions lead to business growth.

Planning Yearly Business Growth

Centralized Dashboards provide real-time data covering campaign performance and marketing insight reports, helping decision-makers understand exactly when and where to make impactful changes.

Centralized Dashboards help you know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

With a wider scope of all the operations of your organization, you can focus on the factors driving your business, and thus pave the way for business growth with strategic decision making.


Centralized Dashboards are the Swiss Army knives of digital marketing.

They save business owners and digital marketing teams massive amounts of time and money, while maximizing workflow efficiency, all with the convenience you’d expect from such a product.

Avoid minute tasks and engage in your company’s future.

Get clearer data and better insights for the sake of boosting your ROI today with Adriel’s Dashboard.