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10+ Marketing Dashboard Templates, Examples & Cost Breakdowns [2023]

Get started right away with these marketing dashboard templates and examples for social media, PPC, ecommerce, marketing agencies, and more.
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10+ Marketing Dashboard Templates, Examples & Cost Breakdowns [2023]

Get started right away with these marketing dashboard templates and examples for social media, PPC, ecommerce, marketing agencies, and more.

Back in 2017, when we launched our marketing agency, we found that marketers were spending three to four hours in the morning just collecting data on ad performance and creating reports–leaving no time for strategy.

We knew something had to change, which is why we built Adriel - a marketing dashboard that integrates with 650+ data sources and centralizes real-time data, insights, and teams on a single workspace.

With a marketing dashboard, we’ve seen thousands of brands and agencies cut down reporting time up to 60 hrs per week while ensuring 99.9% data accuracy.

But business intelligence tools usually come with a high learning curve and some even require coding and SQL skills to set up.

To save you the hassle and headache, we built Adriel to be completely code-free and user-friendly. We also created 9 marketing dashboard templates so you can start reporting right away without having to tinker around with codes and integrations. Just choose your data source from a drop-down menu and you’ll be good to go.

In this article, we’ll share:

✔ 9 marketing dashboard templates 

✔ 4 marketing dashboard examples

✔ Cost breakdowns of the most popular 17 marketing analytics tools 

✔ Steps to create a simple dashboard

✔ 10 key performance indicators for your dashboard

Let’s go! 

9 marketing dashboard templates for all your reporting needs

Whether you’re a marketing agency or a brand, we have a reporting template that fits your needs. Easily compare and contrast different templates in this section.

1. PPC Dashboard

Overview of clicks, cost, and conversions on a PPC dashboard – Adriel

If you have hundreds of PPC ad campaigns across multiple channels, a PPC dashboard template can save you hundreds of hours on tedious, manual data stitching from Google Analytics, Meta, LinkedIn, etc. Aggregate data from 5000+ sources, track KPIs in real-time, compare performance, and dig into ad creative insights.

Overall and daily detailed table on PPC dashboard – Adriel

This PPC dashboard comes with real-time alerts that monitor performance around the clock, and notifies you instantly when KPIs trend up or down based on your pre-set commands. 

You will also be able to reallocate budgets or update campaigns across all channels from just one dashboard. Adjust ad spend, turn off money-leaking ads, schedule creatives with just a few clicks. 

This dashboard specifically tracks:

Clicks overview

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • CTR

Cost overview

  • CPC
  • CPM
  • CPA

Conversions overview

  • Conversions
  • Conversion rate (CVR)
  • Conversions revenue
  • ROAS
Metrics on a PPC dashboard template - Adriel

See how the template looks like in this video.

How marketers are using it: 

Fireside is a marketing services company based in Denver, Colorado with over 150 clients around the world. Their account managers use Adriel’s PPC dashboard to cut down manual monitoring time and get a complete view of overall campaign performance. 

Thanks to real-time alerts, Fireside could instantly react when campaigns were overspending, keep track of specific KPIs for each client, and make necessary adjustments promptly to deliver the best results.

“Adriel is very adaptive to our needs with managing hundreds of clients. We get a close-up and birds-eye view of everything that’s going on in all of our accounts. My favorite is the alerts - knowing when something is off track right away has been hugely beneficial. Bonus: their team is a pleasure to work with.” - B.Sarconi, Chief Fire Starter at Fireside

Get the PPC dashboard template.

2. Social Media Dashboard

Social media dashboard – Adriel

Have paid social media campaigns across Meta, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and more? Move away from Excel and Google sheets and start monitoring performance in real-time on an automatic marketing platform. 

With a social media marketing dashboard template, you can easily see results by channel and make better decisions on budget allocation. Turn off underperforming ads, adjust ad spend, schedule creatives, and turn on potential winning ads straight from Adriel. Command once and changes are automatically applied across different platforms. 

Detailed overview, including Results, CPR, CVR, and Ad Spend, of ads on different social media channels – Adriel

You can also dig into how well each of your creatives for each channel are performing, as well as the keywords, visuals, and colors that brought higher conversions.

See how the template looks like in this video.

How marketers are using it:

As agency Vahl Ads began expanding its services beyond Facebook and into other platforms, the team needed a more efficient way to automatically pull data and present performance results across multiple channels outside of the traditional spreadsheets. 

Vahl Ads now use this social media dashboard to deliver visually-oriented reports quickly with powerful data visualization features. Adriel’s straightforward onboarding also made it very easy for the whole team members to be trained in no time. 

“Given how easy it is to learn how to use Adriel’s dashboard, the fact that its visualization features are so powerful is sometimes beyond me. Adriel has been a life-saver in terms of turning our client data into storytelling reports." - Andrea Vahl, Founder and CEO of Vahl Ads

Get the social media dashboard template.

3. Ecommerce Dashboard Template

Ecommerce dashboard – Adriel

Running ad campaigns for your eCommerce business? Aggregate data from all popular eCommerce ad platforms like Walmart Connect and Amazon Ads and see key metrics on an eCommerce dashboard template.

An eCommerce dashboard displays all the essential KPIs of your ad campaigns and how they contributed to sales and revenue on your online store. Here are some of them:

  • Daily / weekly trends per channel

Get an overview of the revenue, ad spend, ROAS, and conversions generated from your ad campaigns on each channel.

  • Revenue and conversions distribution

Find out which channels are generating the highest revenue and conversions and which are not performing as well.

  • Ad spend distribution

Know exactly how you’re spending your ad budget and reallocate dollars right on the admin dashboard template.

  • Return on ad spend per channel

Measure how well campaigns are performing and what can be done to make the most out of the marketing budget.

Check out how the dashboard looks like in this video.

How marketers are using it:

Anabolic Health is a nutraceutical startup committed to providing research-backed supplements for hormonal health. As they expanded their marketing mix to include new platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, and Reddit, they were overwhelmed with the volume of data that they now have to manage. KPIS got lost in the mix and it was hard to accurately outline which ad creatives and campaigns were driving performance.

With Adriel’s eCommerce dashboard, Anabolic Health can access cross-channel metrics unified under a single data model, helpling the team define exactly what worked and what didn’t. It’s now a breeze to adjust the marketing mix and see ROAS across all channels without spending hours on reporting. 

“Adriel is an extremely comprehensive and useful tool for all of our marketing efforts. We know where the money goes and can reconcile that in one view, which is awesome. You don’t have to check a ton of ad platform dashboards every morning. You simply log into Adriel and check it there.”
- A. Eriksson, Founder and CEO at Anabolic Health

Get the eCommerce dashboard template

4. KPI Dashboard

KPI dashboard – Adriel

Digital marketing involves a vast amount of data. If you want to focus on just a few key metrics and ignore the rest, the KPI dashboard is for you. 

Speed up your decision making by picking just three to five KPIs to display and hone in on the numbers that matter the most. You can monitor both paid and organic data in real-time. 

Here are the 5 key performance indicators for digital marketing campaigns to track on a marketing performance dashboard:

  • Return on ad spend (ROAS) 
  • CVR
  • Impressions
  • CTR
  • CPC

How marketers are using it

As Wadiz, leading crowdfunding platform in South Korea, onboarded dozens of new funding campaigns, they found it challenging to keep track of the big picture and adjust marketing budgets based on funding performance.

They now use Adriel to see key indicators such as spend and ROAS straight away on their digital marketing dashboard. This allowed their account managers to check performance in real-time as soon as they logged in. Adriel’s software also enabled them to adjust budgets, bids, and ad schedules straight from the marketing dashboard. 

“Adriel’s Dashboard is so convenient. I’m always curious as to whether I made the right bets or what my investments turn into. Now I know for sure everything’s on the right track.”
- B. Hwang, Director of Wadiz

Get the KPI dashboard template

5. Performance Dashboard

Performance Dashboard – Adriel

A performance dashboard template will give you unique insights to supercharge growth for your clients or company. See an overview of key metrics, set custom alerts to track performance changes, and turn off campaigns and ads that are draining money right on the dashboard.

​​Here are the metrics to track on a performance dashboard:

  1. ROAS
  2. Conversions revenue
  3. Conversion rate
  4. Conversions
  5. Ad spend
  6. CPC
  7. CPM
  8. CTR
  9. Clicks
  10. Impressions

How marketers are using it:

Paparico is an AI-driven digital marketing agency based in the UK with a mission to leverage AI in delivering high ROI. Despite having a solid business model based on the latest pieces of technology, their services didn’t get the spotlight they deserved in an increasingly crowded market. 

They now use Adriel to give clients direct access to a centralized marketing dashboardthat charted out every relevant KPI and metric transparently and established a sense of trust and proximity between clients and account managers. The increased customer satisfaction also led to a snowball word of mouth effect, which their team couldn’t be happier with.

“Adriel made it easy to track online ads across multiple platforms. The process is much more straightforward than using Google and Facebook separately. My clients keep raving about what a breath of fresh air Adriel is for them!” - P.Townley-Jones, Founder and CEO at Paparico

Get the Performance dashboard template

6. Manager Dashboard

Manager Dashboard – Adriel

As a manager you want a high-level look at how your marketing campaigns are doing and generate performance reports quickly.

On a manager marketing dashboard, you can quickly understand ROAS at a glance and look at top metrics like CTR, revenue, ad spend per channel or device. Generate reports within minutes based on real-time data, share key insights with C-Suite executives, and make data-driven decisions.

Check out how it looks like in this video.

Here are the metrics to track on a manager dashboard:

  1. ROAS
  2. Revenue
  3. Ad spend
  4. CVR
  5. CPC
  6. CPM
  7. Conversions
  8. CTR
  9. Clicks
  10. Impressions

How marketers are using it

By4M is an eCommerce company focused on providing media content for entertainment platforms. Their marketing investments have been steadily growing in proportion to their rising number of ad accounts and campaigns. 

Connecting data sources and centralizing information on Adriel's marketing dashboard allowed By4M to monitor and control all their advertising costs in real-time. By4M used this centralized data source to build an in-house database system.

“We have dozens of ad accounts, spending large advertising budgets. It was becoming hard for us to manually keep track of all investments accurately for our monthly and annual reports. With Adriel, we can quickly assess cash flows and make marketing budget plans based on real-time data, which allows us to take on new marketing goals.”
- S.Yoon, CFO at By4M

Get the Manager Dashboard template

7. Executive Dashboard Template

Executive Dashboard – Adriel

If you want high-level metrics such as ad spend, revenue, and conversions – without getting lost in granular details – then the executive dashboard is for you. It can be used to make key decisions as an executive yourself, or to share with executive clients or the C-suite such as a Chief Marketing Officer, in your company. Quickly see an overview of key metrics and make decisions in a snap. Tell compelling stories about how ad campaigns led to better business performance. 

Here are the metrics to track on an executive dashboard:

  1. Ad spend
  2. Revenue
  3. Conversions

See how it looks like in this video.

How marketers are using it:

Edge is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in lead generation services where employees started to work from home. But managing the performance of a scattered workforce is a particularly tricky challenge.

Its CEO now uses Adriel to streamline virtual workforce management while ensuring data integrity for their clients. Having a centralized marketing dashboard that presented data at a granular level also sped up the decision-making process for its executives and facilitated managing client spend, success, and the individual performance of each account manager.

“I was always asking for reports from my teams but by the time I got them it was too late to capitalize on some of those insights. Now I just sign in to Adriel and see everything for myself as it happens.”
- J.Riley, Founder and CEO at Edge

Get the Executive Dashboard template

8. Cross Platform Dashboard

Cross platform dashboard showing Google Ads, LinkedIn ads, and Meta ads data – Adriel

If you run omni-channel marketing campaigns for your business or clients, and are looking for data across the whole campaign, with multiple channel data combined or individually, then the cross-channel marketing dashboard is for you. 

Overall and daily detailed cross platform data – Adriel‍

Automate the entire process of aggregating your ad data from multiple platforms. Monitor key metrics in real-time, turn campaigns ON/OFF, reallocate budget, A/B test creatives, and generate reports in one place.

Here are the metrics to track in a cross platform dashboard:

  1. Ad spend
  2. CPC
  3. CPM
  4. CPA
  5. ROAS
  6. Conversions revenue
  7. CVR
  8. Conversions
  9. CTR
  10. Clicks
  11. Impressions

See how the template looks like in this video.

How marketers are using it:

Serybox Healthcare is a health and supplement company that mainly advertises on five digital marketing channels - Facebook, Instagram, Kakao, Google, and Naver. Sixty different advertising accounts with hundreds of ad creatives are used daily for each product and brand in their extensive product line. 

With Adriel’s marketing dashboard, the Serybox team can now cross-check status and spending for each channel on their dashboard without unnecessary communication, spending far less time on reporting and more time discussing insights, ideas, and strategies.

“With automated real-time reporting through Adriel, we are able to assess ad performance far more quickly and accurately than before. Our team is already getting a lot of new ideas and we are planning to adjust our strategies with all these insights we’ve gotten.”
- H.Kim, Marketing Director at Sery Box

Get the Cross Platform Dashboard template.

9. Marketing Reporting Dashboard

Marketing reporting dashboard with graphs for weekly impressions and clicks per channel – Adriel

Need help putting together marketing reports for different clients and/or managers? The marketing dashboard can be customized to show both paid as well as organic data, metrics per channel or device, weekly or monthly ad spend and revenue, etc. 

Create white-labeled reports with customized logos and colors in minutes, and share them as PDFs, CSVs, or unique links that lead back to a live marketing dashboard.

Here are some metrics to track on marketing reporting dashboard:

  1. Revenue
  2. Ad spend
  3. CTR
  4. Conversions
  5. Impressions
  6. Clicks

See how the template looks like in this video.

How marketers are using it

Analogue Plus is a sports technology startup dedicated to developing smart helmets for outdoor recreational activities. Unlike big corporations that can cut some slack, they reel under constant pressure to reduce the time it takes to gain insights when data is generated. 

Implementing Adriel’s marketing dashboard as a single source of truth hit the spot. Automated data imports from various sources and real-time data updates across platforms optimized performance monitoring of individual creatives, and effectiveness of messaging. This new workflow empowered the whole Analogue Plus team to explore data on their own and come up with ideas to take their campaigns to the next level.

"Adriel’s automations are a game-changer. With their dashboard in hand, everyone on my team finally gets to do what they were hired for: analyzing and planning for further growth." -M. Park, CEO at Analogue Plus

Get the Marketing Reporting Dashboard template.

What are some examples of digital marketing dashboards?

We’ve created multiple online marketing dashboard examples for our clients and prospects. Here, we showcase some of them. 

On Adriel, you can not only white label reports but also the main workspace where your metrics are displayed. Customize the colors, images, and widgets of your live dashboard for an extra branded look.

This is a marketing dashboard example we created for Nike: 

 Illustration of a marketing dashboard for Nike showcasing key analytics and insights – Adriel

And here’s another marketing dashboard example we created for Pizza Hut:

Marketing dashboard example Adriel created for Pizza Hut showcasing  key analytics and insights – Adriel‍

Here are more marketing dashboard examples:

Marketing dashboard example showcasing key analytics and insights for Vogue magazine – Adriel‍
Marketing dashboard example showcasing key analytics and insights for Netflix – Adriel

What’s the best marketing dashboard? How much do they cost?

The best marketing dashboard tool depends on the size of your business, your budget, and the number of features you require. For example, for one of our clients, it meant: 

  • Is it cleaner?
  • Is it more accurate? 
  • Is it more simple? 
  • Does it also generate reporting? 
  • Does it help us optimize set rules?

We wrote a comparison guide extensively in this guide to business intelligence dashboards.

Now, here comes the important question – how much would a marketing analytics dashboard set up back?

Different AdOps companies have different pricing models for digital marketing dashboards. These dashboards can be priced on a monthly basis, per user, per data source, per campaign, or depending on the number of dashboards used.

Here is a cost breakdown (as of June 2023) for some of the most popular marketing analytics tools out there:

Cost breakdown of the most popular marketing dashboards in the market (as of June 2023) - Adriel

With Adriel, you get the best pricing with respect to the benefits and features provided:

A table listing out Adriel's features - Adriel

How do I create a simple marketing dashboard?

Most popular data visualization tools in the market are extremely difficult to set up, requiring SQL or LookML skills.

But with a no-code marketing dashboard like Adriel, you can easily connect to your data sources and see all your key metrics and KPIs in minutes – not hours or days. All you need to do to create a marketing dashboard is: 

  1. Sign up for an account (free for 14 days).
  2. Choose your data sources from a drop-down menu. 
  3. Pick a marketing dashboard template from our template library. Or, start from a blank page and design your data with interactive widgets and charts. 

Adriel automatically extracts the data you want to see, harmonizes it to improve accuracy, and displays digestible KPIs, trends, and relationships on the marketing dashboard.

What should be on a marketing dashboard? [10 Key Performance Indicators]

A digital marketing dashboard shows key performance indicators (KPIs) for your social media marketing campaigns, content marketing campaigns, and influencer marketing campaigns.

The exact metrics will depend on the type of campaign. On Adriel, not only can you see metrics for your ad campaigns but also your email campaigns, analytics tools, and other CRM and marketing tools.

Some key marketing metrics popular among marketers include: 

  • Impressions: Impressions are the total number of times any of your webpages or your ads appear in search engine results and are viewed by users. Determine which campaigns generate the highest impressions and dissect the strategy behind them.
  • Link clicks: Link clicks are the total number of times the links in your ad copy, call-to-action, or images have been clicked. See how many people are visiting your website or social media with a marketing data dashboard. 
  • Ad revenue: Uncover which marketing investments are paying off the most. Get actionable insights on which ad channels to focus on in the future.
  • Return on ad spend: ROAS measures the amount of revenue you earn for every $1 you spend on advertising. Find out what is regarded as a good ROAS ratio here.
  • Conversions: Conversions occur further down the marketing funnel after a person visits your website and takes a desired action, such as purchasing a product, downloading a whitepaper, or signing up for a newsletter. Discover the conversions generated from marketing activities within minutes on a campaign dashboard. 
  • Conversion rates: Pit conversions against total ad interactions to get conversion rates. For example, the conversion rate of a landing page is the total clicks on your sales offer divided by website traffic on that page. Compare your conversion rates against any other metric, such as ad spend, to better understand your marketing performance.
  • Cost-per-conversion (CPCV): A ratio of the total number of conversions against the total cost of an ad campaign.
  • Click-through rate (CTR): See how many people are interested in your ads and want to learn more about you with dashboard software. Find out which ad creatives generated the highest clicks and why. This article lists the average CTRs for all your favorite PPC channels. 
  • Cost-per-click (CPC): Monitor your advertising cost in real-time by keeping track of cost-per-click closely. Get alerts on your dashboard or in your email inbox when costs go above set budgets. 
  • Bounce rate: The number of people who visit your page and leave without looking at any other page or interacting with your content in a meaningful way.

Almost all marketing dashboards show you these campaign metrics, but let’s take a step further. With Adriel’s Creative Intelligence Suite, you can dig deeper into your ad creatives and analyze which keywords, visuals, and emojis impact ad performance and drive conversions. 

A marketing dashboard showing ad creatives insights - Adriel
  1. Word Cloud: Write copy that converts

Feeling lost as to how you can better hook your target customer's attention? A/B test and get auto-generated reports across all social platforms to determine which messaging resonated best with your audience

  1. Emoji Analysis: Find out which emojis convert best

Emojis can increase conversion rates by up to 85%. But only If you know how to use them well. We're here to make sure you go with the best ones each and every time.

  1. Color Clustering: Create colorful ads based on data

Does blue blend better with the background or red? Is green the right color for the graphic or yellow? Advertising multiple product variations can get tricky. We're here to help you choose the ones that drive the results you want.

Get Started With Adriel

Whether you are an agency or a marketer, and whether you need to track your KPIs across clients or across platforms – Adriel has marketing dashboard for you. Over 5,500 leading businesses and agencies worldwide use Adriel for their reporting needs.

With Adriel’s marketing dashboard, you get:

  1. A centralized dashboard that gives agencies holistic, real-time view
  2. Integrate data with 600 custom data connectors and get it up and running in minutes
  3. Customize and simply drag and drop widgets and graphs
  4. Set custom alarms to monitor poor-performing campaigns
  5. Customized dashboard views for every department, from internal to client
  6. Analyze your ad creatives right in the dashboard and optimize them
  7. Download and share whitelabel reports by setting custom colors, visuals, and logos

Get in touch with us and we can help you set up integrations and build a stunning dashboard!

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