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Frustrated with Power BI? Try Adriel.

Power BI is great for data analysts and marketers with coding background. But if you're an agency owner or a marketer who wants a fast, easy, and beautiful marketing dashboard without going through steep learning curves, Adriel is perfect.
Fast and easy integrations
Real-time dashboards
Custom alerts & automations
Creative Insights

Adriel vs. 

Power BI

Spend more time growing your business and let Adriel handle the rest.
Custom integrations
Ease of use
Account overview of key metrics
Data refresh frequency
Real time
Data blending
Custom metrics
Alarm system
Creative intelligence
Native campaign management
Client reporting
White labeling
Customer support
High quality
Setup difficulty
Cost (in US dollars)
From $299/month
Power BI;100+; true; Hard; true; Real-time; true; true; true; false; false; true; false; High quality; Hard; Free version with limited capabilities, $10/user/mo or $8400+/month
Join 6300+ agencies and brands using Adriel to track and improve ad performance

Why leading marketers choose Adriel over Power BI

On Adriel, you can:
Eliminate the learning curve and save time & costs
Get your dashboard up and running in less than a week on Adriel. Just connect your channels from a drop-down list of 650+ data sources, and the software will automatically visualize analysis-ready data in minutes. No coding or manual processing required.
It takes hours of attending courses and communicating with the support team to learn how Power BI works. You’ll also need to code or use a third-party data pipeline tool to import data into a database that integrates with Power BI first, and then prepare it for visualization. Hiring a Power BI expert or agency can cost you thousands of dollars on top of the pipeline and software fees.
It's so easy to use Adriel and the fact that its visualization features are so powerful is sometimes beyond me.

A. Vahl | Founder and CEO, Vahl Ads

Browse Integrations
Get real-time data from all your favorite channels
Adriel supports over 650+ integrations and allows you to connect to all the necessary marketing channels. Share data and reports as PDFs, CSVs, or live links with anyone in or outside your organization.
Like other Microsoft products, Power BI works well within a Microsoft ecosystem but is rigid when it comes to third-party integrations. It's also difficult to share data and reports with non-Power BI users. This would not make Power BI the tool of choice if you’re a marketing agency.
Adriel brings in all the data I need to make effective decisions as a business owner.

Ingrid Carney | Founder & CEO, Ingrid & Isabel

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Customize your dashboard in just a few clicks
Adriel's reporting is extremely flexible. Use our pre-made templates or choose from 30+ customizable widgets and graph types to create reports. Group and filter campaigns by channel, location, product, or any other category, and dive deeper into your data.
It's challenging (or costly) to make changes to Power BI dashboards due to the complex user interface.
Adriel has been a life-saver in turning our client data into storytelling reports.

A. Vahl | Founder and CEO, Vahl Ads

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Never waste ad spend again with custom, real-time alerts
Get instant alerts for every single performance change across 650+ marketing channels on Adriel. Tailor alerts for specific data sources, ad sets, campaigns, individual ads, and even custom metrics, so you'll never miss critical insights. Take action and edit campaigns directly from your dashboard to maximize ROI.
On Power BI, you can only apply alerts to tiles pinned from report visuals, gauges, KPIs, and cards - not to custom streaming data. Power BI is strictly a visualization tool, meaning you won’t be able to make any changes to your campaigns.

Adriel is giving us the freedom to experiment a lot more freely than we could before. Their alarm system has basically put our QA process on autopilot.

Dax Hamman | Founder & CEO, Fireside Agency

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Maximize ROAS with creatives that converts
Analyze your ad creatives and A/B test natively on Adriel's workspace. See which keywords, colors, and emojis convert well and drive even more profitable campaigns for your clients or brand.
There's no way to access ad creative intelligence on Power BI. This is a feature unique to Adriel.
Adriel’s ability to display ad creatives directly within our performance reports has made exploring data a lot more insightful.

Vik Kumar | COO, Alice Camera

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Adriel has been a total game-changer. Before, it took our account managers and analytics team hours to build and standardize reports. Now, reports are ready as soon as we log in to our workspace. Our clients are thrilled with our delivery speed.
Z. Kelsey
Founder and CEO, Hooked Advertising
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Integrate with your favorite marketing platforms in seconds

Not a single line of code required. The most user-friendly AdOps platform on the market.
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You have our support, always

Personalized Onboarding
Get your dashboards up and running just the way you need them with your Customer Success Manager in the first 30 days.
Live Chat and FAQs
Have quick questions as you're using the app? Message us directly on your dashboard and a real-person will get back to you.
Or check out our FAQs.
Adriel Academy
Get step-by-step guides on connecting your data, setting up your dashboard, and managing users and permissions.
Visit Adriel Academy here.

Transparent pricing. No hidden fees.

Power BI's basic plans start from $10/user/month but there are limitations on the number of data rows, refresh dates, and data storage.

Enterprises that need maximum capacity can opt for the Premium plan, which starts from $4995 all the way up to $8400 per month.

Adriel's plans starts from $299/month for 3 user seats, 10 data connections, and full access to custom alerts, custom dashboards, and ad creative insights. See this page for a full breakdown.

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All your questions answered. And if you can’t find it here, chat to our friendly team.
Why should I invest in Adriel?
We understand that marketing dashboards can be a significant investment. But Adriel has been proven to be a revenue generator - not an expense. Agencies and brands currently using Adriel are maximizing return on ad spend by tapping into the real-time insights and ad creative analysis on the platform. Read their success stories here.
Do I need to manually upload data to Adriel?
No. Once your data sources are connected to Adriel, we automatically fetch and update all your dashboards with your data, in real-time.
Can I get a custom data integration?
Yes. If you don't see a connection you need from our 650+ native integrations, just let us know and we will build it for you.
Can you run my ads for me?
Unfortunately, no. Adriel is a marketing intelligence platform and we're not authorized to run your ads for you. However, you can manage all your ad campaigns directly on Adriel without having to go into different platforms. Reallocate budgets and turn campaigns on and off with just a few clicks.
How easily can I get help?
We fully understand the struggles you have to go through when onboarding a new piece of software. Although Adriel is easy to get started with, we offer an extensive client onboarding process that spans 30 to 60 days. During this time, we meet with you once or twice a week to make sure you can connect to all your data sources, see all your data, and automate your reports. You can also find extensive documentation and videos on Adriel Academy or reach out to us directly if you need individual support.
Power BI
What is PowerBI?

Power BI, short for Power Business Intelligence, is a versatile and robust business intelligence platform developed by Microsoft. It's a great tool for turning raw data into actionable insights. At its core, Power BI empowers users to connect to various data sources, transform and model data, create visually stunning reports and interactive dashboards, and share these insights with stakeholders.

What are some features of PowerBI?

Power BI comes packed with an array of features to meet the diverse needs of users. Here's a glimpse into some of its standout functionalities:

  • Data Integration: Power BI effortlessly connects to diverse data sources, including SQL databases, spreadsheets like Excel, web-based APIs, on-premise data warehouses, and even popular apps like Google Analytics.
  • Data Modeling: Users can model data, define relationships, and create calculated measures using Power BI's data modeling capabilities. This enables in-depth data exploration and analysis.
  • Visualize Data: The drag-and-drop interface lets you create stunning visualizations with ease. From bar graphs to interactive maps, Power BI's visualization tools offer endless possibilities.
  • Real-time Data: Stay ahead with real-time data streaming and monitoring. Power BI helps you make decisions based on the freshest data available.
  • Sharing and Collaboration: Share your insights with colleagues and stakeholders securely. Collaborative features like commenting and annotation facilitate effective teamwork.
  • Mobile Apps: Access your reports and dashboards on the go with Power BI's mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Security and Compliance: Robust security features, including role-based access control and data encryption, ensure your data stays safe and compliant with regulations.

Power BI is great for data analysts and marketers with coding background but it can be too complicated to set up and use, requiring for hours of learning. Hiring a Power BI specialist can also cost a lot of money on top of the software's cost.

What are the limitations of PowerBI?

While Power BI is a powerful tool, it's essential to be aware of its limitations:

  • Learning Curve: For beginners, the learning curve can be steep, particularly when delving into complex data modeling and DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) calculations.
  • Pricing: The cost of Power BI can add up, especially for organizations with a large number of users or complex data integration requirements.
  • Real-time Data: Achieving true real-time data can be challenging, and it may require additional configurations.
  • Complex Data Exploration: While it's excellent for most use cases, Power BI may struggle with highly complex data exploration scenarios

The fast, fuss-less, and flexible alternative to Power BI is Adriel, which brings in all the data you need through no-code API connectors, and visualizes cleaned metrics on one dashboard in real-time.

Adriel also comes with advanced features like:

  • Creative Intelligence Suite: find out which keywords, emojis, and colors drive conversions on your ads
  • Custom, real-time alerts: stay on top of ad performance 24/7
  • AI ad creative generator and launcher: automate your entire ad creation process

Grab a demo here.

What are Power BI alternatives?

Here are some popular Microsoft Power BI alternatives:


Adriel is a marketing intelligence and BI tool built for marketers, advertising specialists, marketing agency owners, and data analysts. It’s an all-in-one platform that integrates with hundreds of data sources to centralize real-time data, insights, and teams on a single workspace. With Adriel, marketers can move away from Google sheets, eliminate repetitive manual tasks, and get more returns from their digital advertising campaigns.

Adriel Features:

✅ 650+ no-code data connectors through APIs

✅ Real-time, interactive marketing dashboards with drag-and-drop interface

✅ Custom alerts and metrics

✅ ETL and data prep

✅ Custom reports and dashboards

✅ Marketing reporting templates

✅ Ad creative insights

✅ Complete marketing command center (edit multichannel campaigns directly from Adriel)

Cost: From US$299 with custom scalable pricing options


Tableau is a leading business intelligence tool specifically designed for enterprises, offering robust data visualization and analytics capabilities. It enables organizations to aggregate and analyze data from various sources, transforming raw data into actionable insights through interactive dashboards and reports.

Tableau Features:

✅100+ data connectors

✅Custom metrics and data blending

✅Performance alerts

✅Custom, whitelabeled reports

Cost: Up to $5000-$6000/mo

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a self-service data analytics tool that allows users to easily create customized reports and dashboards. With its drag-and-drop interface and associative data modeling, it's designed for making complex data easily understandable. The platform is suitable for users of all skill levels and offers both cloud-based and on-premise options.

Qlik Sense Features:

Associative Data Model: Qlik Sense's unique associative data model enables users to explore data freely and make connections between data points.

✅ ETL and data preparation

✅ Data analysis

✅ AI-assisted insights and predictions

✅ Interactive dashboards

Cost: Starting from $20/user/month or $2700/month

Google Data Studio (now Looker Studio)

Google Data Studio serves as a centralized BI platform for businesses of all sizes. It aggregates data from multiple sources, such as website analytics, social media metrics, and sales figures, transforming them into comprehensive, easy-to-interpret reports and dashboards.

Google Data Studio Features:

✅ 510+ data connectors

✅ Customizable dashboards

✅ Real-time collaboration

Cost: Free for basic use but advanced connectors may incur a fee.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a self-service BI and business analytics solution that allows users to create visually impactful dashboards and reports. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it offers features like data integration, key performance indicators tracking, and advanced analytics.

Zoho Analytics features:

✅ 25+ data connectors

✅ Custom dashboards

✅ Advanced analytics (including predictive analytics)

✅ Real-time collaboration

Cost: From $24/month to $455/month

What is the best alternative to Power BI?

Among these Power BI alternatives, Adriel stands out as the best due to these reasons:

  • Quick and Easy Setup: Adriel allows you to set up your dashboard in less than a week with no coding or manual processing required. In contrast, Power BI requires extensive training, coding, and potentially hiring an expert, adding to your costs.
  • Extensive Integrations: Adriel supports over 650+ integrations, making it easy to connect all your marketing channels and share data effortlessly. Power BI, however, is limited in its third-party integrations and sharing capabilities, especially for non-Microsoft users.
  • User-Friendly Customization: With Adriel, you can easily customize your dashboard using pre-made templates and a variety of widgets. Power BI's complex user interface makes customization challenging and potentially costly.
  • Real-Time Custom Alerts: Adriel offers real-time alerts across a wide range of metrics and channels, allowing you to take immediate action. Power BI's alerting capabilities are limited to specific types of visuals and don't support custom streaming data.
  • Creative Intelligence: Unique to Adriel, you can analyze and A/B test your ad creatives to maximize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Power BI lacks this feature, offering no insights into ad creative performance.
What is the difference between Klipfolio vs Power BI?

Klipfolio and Power BI are both powerful business intelligence tools, but they cater to different user needs and preferences. Here's a comparison:

Integrations: Klipfolio supports slightly more integrations (130+) compared to Power BI (100+), offering a broader range of data source connections. Both platforms allow for custom integrations.

Ease of Use: Klipfolio is generally considered easier to use with a medium setup difficulty, making it more accessible for users without advanced technical skills. In contrast, Power BI is known for being more complex, with a harder setup difficulty, catering to users who require more advanced data analysis capabilities.

Data Refresh Frequency: Both tools offer real-time data refresh, but Klipfolio charges extra for this feature.

White Labeling: Klipfolio supports white labeling, allowing companies to brand reports as their own, which is not available in Power BI.

Mobile App: Power BI offers a mobile app for on-the-go data access, while Klipfolio lacks this feature.

Cost: Power BI provides a free version with limited capabilities and paid plans starting from $10/user/month, scaling up to $8400+/month for extensive enterprise use. Klipfolio's pricing ranges from $99 to $800/month, with additional costs for add-ons.

Client Reporting and Support: Both platforms are strong in client reporting and offer high-quality customer support.

Target Audience: Klipfolio, with its ease of use and white-labeling options, is well-suited for agencies and small to medium-sized businesses. Power BI, with its comprehensive analysis capabilities and higher complexity, is more suitable for enterprises and users with a strong background in data analytics.

In summary, Klipfolio is ideal for users seeking an easy-to-use, customizable solution with white-labeling options, while Power BI is better suited for users requiring more advanced data analysis and who are comfortable with a steeper learning curve.

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