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One Dashboard to Control Them All – Managing All Your Marketing Campaigns At Once

Make one stop to your dashboard in order to control all your online marketing campaigns.

One Dashboard to Control Them All – Managing All Your Marketing Campaigns At Once

Make one stop to your dashboard in order to control all your online marketing campaigns.

As marketers and/or leaders, we are all able to relate to the struggle of juggling multiple ad channels and taking action when facing painstaking decisions. Each platform features its own unique interface and the learning curve in terms of how to browse through each one can become a daunting task.

Why should you have to go through each ad channel only to make a minor budget change? Why take up precious time to flip through each campaign just to turn off a few ads during your A/B testing phase? In 2021, we’re going to promise ourselves better time management and time efficiency. The first step in doing so is using an all-in-one marketing dashboard so as to avoid those pesky tasks.

With a digital marketing dashboard tool, not only can you save time, but you can also avoid making small mistakes. Make one stop to your dashboard in order to control all your online marketing campaigns. Free up your time for other tasks and the sky is the limit. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of having an interactive dashboard on your tool-belt.

What Is A Marketing Dashboard?

A marketing dashboard is essentially an easy-to-read display that shows all your data from different marketing channels. It provides visuals of your key metrics and real-time tracking of all running campaigns. At best, a marketing dashboard is designed to keep you and your teammates up to date and on track in terms of the overall status and performance of all online campaigns.

Of course, data is arguably the most important factor of having a marketing analytics dashboard – but why limit it to a dashboard offering just a few reporting features?

Going Beyond The Data With An Interactive Dashboard

Gone are the days of managing different ad channels through multiple tabs on your browser. One tab of your dashboard is all it takes. An interactive dashboard provides similar features to each platform’s functionality; allowing you to make live edits to your campaign. Let’s explore the benefits of controlling your campaigns through a single dashboard.

1. React Quicker

While it is imperative to have access to data to analyze through a dashboard, the next course of action is just as important; making the changes. Whether you need to update your campaign’s schedule, budget, targeting, ad creatives, or other settings, all can be modified through the interactive dashboard. Making adjustments to multiple
channels with just a few clicks can free up all the time it usually takes when applying changes.

Marketing analytics dashboard

Control your performance by catching errors faster and discern budget wasting campaigns early on. Furthermore, reduce the possibility of making mistakes during the optimization process thanks to better organization.

2. Stay On The Same Page With Teammates

Another vital aspect for successful marketing campaigns is possessing efficient communication within your team. Not only will you be able to have the ease of making changes, but your team can also discern updates and prepare updates on their own. With the ability to assign team members to certain tasks while also having a backlog of all the changes made, communication is thus significantly improved.

Teammate invitation to workspace on Adriel

As individuals tend to have their own varying perceptions, scrambling between different platforms and gathering information can lead to instances of miscommunication. However, through collective effort, campaigns can be effectively executed from start to finish by utilizing one clear dashboard for everyone involved.

Get your marketing campaigns aligned and improve your performance today with the help of an interactive dashboard!

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