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AdGen AI is here: Create, Test, and Launch Ads in 2 minutes

Built by marketers for marketers, AdGen AI creates, tests, and launches ads for multiple channels. Start creating today for free!
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AdGen AI is here: Create, Test, and Launch Ads in 2 minutes

Built by marketers for marketers, AdGen AI creates, tests, and launches ads for multiple channels. Start creating today for free!

Exciting news – AdGen AI, our AI ad generation and programmatic creative solution, is officially open to the public today 🎉

As marketers, we understand how tedious ad creation can be. Even with a stellar creative plan, execution takes a long time, often leading to extended work hours or the need to expand the team just to meet launch deadlines. 

This is why we built AdGen AI: to automate all the manual work and streamline the entire ad creation process, from designing to publishing. Our main goal is to free up your time and energy so you can focus on more creative and strategic tasks. 

In this article, we give you a full breakdown of what AdGen AI is, how it works, and how you can get started. 

AdGen AI is reinventing ad creation

A screenshot of ads created by AI - AdGen AI

AdGen AI is a leading programmatic creative solution that uses Generative AI to create, test, and launch ads at scale. 

The software makes it easy to create and publish content on multiple ad channels based on several input factors, including your website URL, brand identity, historical data, and more. It provides the right formatting for each channel automatically and takes into account millions of ads created by marketers to deliver continuously improving, high-performing ads.

AdGen AI automates these three manual processes that are eating up marketers’ time:

  1. Programmatic creative: the automated design and deployment of digital ads.  Instead of crafting ads manually, the platform generates multiple ad versions tailored to specific audiences or platforms, adjusting elements like copy, visuals, and calls-to-action.
  1. AI ad generation: producing a variety of ads with diverse combinations of headlines, images, and descriptions for each target audience. 
  1. A/B testing at scale: testing and deploying ads to see which ones perform best in terms of clicks, conversions, engagement, and other metrics. 

Once you input your website URL, AdGen AI creates a wide range of ad variations, from headlines to images, so you can A/B test effectively on different platforms. This saves marketing creative teams a great deal of time as they no longer need to manually create different ads for different audiences. 

And when you're ready, connect to your ad accounts and launch your ads on multiple platforms directly from AdGen AI. 

Our Beta testers love how easy and intuitive AdGen AI is and rated it a unanimous 10/10 for UX. 

For instance, Jennifer Bollman, VP of Media at 62ABOVE, praised AdGen AI for its ease of use, swift and precise ad generation, and intuitiveness. She's very excited about the future of AdGen and AI can make her creative team's lives easier.

Technology that’s more than just ChatGPT 

AdGen AI is built upon multiple AI models for ultimate accuracy and humanness, such as GPT-4, Stable Diffusion, BLIP2, Rembg, and ControlNet. These models synergistically generate high-quality ad copy and visuals. 

What’s more, AdGen AI also takes into account 30 million copy and image creatives from our business intelligence tool, Adriel. This vast database creates a pool of content to inspire and refine ad creatives. 

Unlike ChatGPT or Midjourney, AdGen AI is end-to-end and prompt-engineered. This means you don't need to use different AI solutions nor spend time prompting to get quality output. 

All you need to do is:

  1. Enter your website URL
  2. Choose the type of ads you'd like (e.g. Facebook Carousel)
  3. Choose the language you want your ads to be in

…and you’ll get a collection of high-quality ads that stun your target audience in as short as 2 seconds. 

“The images are absolutely stunning!” 
- Yevgeniy Malyarchuk, Social Media Manager, Cirque du Soleil
A screenshot of ads created by AI for multiple products - AdGen AI

Want more examples? Check out this blog post

But that's not all. On AdGen AI, you can automatically launch these ads on the platform of your choice (we support Google and Meta as of 2023). This means you can A/B test natively from one workspace and optimize for higher ROAS easily.

Got a lot of ads to keep track of? No problem. AdGen AI automatically generates UTM trackers for complex marketing campaigns. You can also access a library of frequently used UTMs from other marketers so you don’t have to think of one from scratch. 

Who is it for?

AdGen AI is built for marketers of all shapes and sizes.

✔️ eCommerce brands 

✔️ Marketing agencies

✔️ Enterprises

✔️ Small businesses and startups

Quality, automation, and relevance: the trifecta of marketing

AdGen AI streamlines ad creation, blending data-driven insights with seamless publishing for impactful campaigns. 

Here’s why it stands out as the leading AI ad generation tool for marketers: 

1. Enhanced quality

For marketers, it's not just about creating ads, but creating the right ads that resonate. 

AdGen AI elevates your campaigns by continuously feeding on data from marketing platform APIs, learning from previous campaign insights. This ensures that every ad generated is more in-tune with what works for your audience. 

Additionally, with access to the "Adriel’s Ad Creative Bank" comprising millions of creatives, marketers get a treasure trove of inspiration, giving them a competitive edge in crafting the most effective ads.

2. Automated publishing 

In marketing, timing is everything. 

AdGen AI understands this and goes beyond being a mere ad generator. It’s a one-stop solution, automatically formatting and publishing ads to meet the unique specifications of various platforms.

This eliminates the tedious back-and-forth, allowing marketers to publish their ads with a single click and focus on what they do best: strategizing and innovating.

3. Tailored ads 

Every marketer knows the power of cohesive visuals and text. AdGen AI takes this to the next level by not just generating ad copy but also crafting the perfect ad images using state-of-the-art AI technologies. 

Its smart detection for optimal text placement ensures that every ad stands out, both in message and design.

This synthesis of copy and images transforms AdGen AI's output into powerful, complete ads tailored to various platforms.

Ready to get started? 

When we built AdGen AI, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for marketers. 

You can directly go to and start creating stunning ads in minutes. It's 100% free until mid-November.

We’re also opening up exclusive access for our early-Beta supporters. You’ll get first dibs and special in-app guidance for a seamless experience.

Try it out today at

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