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Andrea Vahl


How Agency Vahl Ads transforms raw data into storytelling reports

Transforming raw data into storytelling reports


Andrea Vahl is an award-winning social media consultant who co-authored Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies. As her agency Vahl Ads began expanding its services beyond Facebook and into other platforms, the Vahl team wanted a better way to present performance results across multiple channels outside of the traditional spreadsheet. Instead, Vahl Ads wanted to deliver visually-oriented reports quickly, with a tool that would not entail an extensive onboarding process- and certainly without the need to code!


Adriel’s straightforward onboarding made it very easy for the whole team to be trained in no time. Not only was she incredibly content with how smooth relaying workflows and integrating data to Adriel turned out to be, Andrea expressed much delight over the dashboard’s powerful automatic visualization features. She also noted that built-in templates allowed to build client reports effortlessly.

Given how easy it is to learn how to use Adriel’s dashboard, the fact that it’s visualization features are so powerful is sometimes beyond me. Adriel has been a life-saver in terms of turning our client data into storytelling reports.

Founder and CEO, Vahl Ads

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