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Agency Fireside gives their account managers more time out of their day to focus on client success

Automating account quality assurance for higher performance and client satisfaction


Fireside is a marketing services company based in Denver, Colorado. Their clientele is made up of over 150 small and mid-sized businesses around the world. Quality assurance eats up most of their day, leaving no time to devise strategies and improve client satisfaction. As client satisfaction and retention are focal points for agency owners, the Fireside Team had to find ways to spend less time on their daily account monitoring tasks without sacrificing ad performance and quality of work.


Linking client accounts to a centralized workspace gave them a complete view of overall campaign performance. Having access to individual client dashboards allowed account managers to create reports automatically. And thanks to real-time alerts, Fireside could instantly react when campaigns were overspending, keep track of specific KPIs for each client, and make necessary adjustments promptly to deliver the best results. Small details like missing UTMs that were sometimes overlooked for working across hundreds of accounts no longer fell through the cracks. Lastly, having automated the entire QA process, account managers found a lot more time in their hands to focus on the human side of things, which led to improved client satisfaction.

Adriel is very adaptive to our needs with managing hundreds of clients. It’s vital for us to have a birds-eye view as well as a close-up view of everything that’s going on in all of our accounts, and we get that and more with Adriel. My favorite part is the alerts feature - knowing when something is off track right away has been hugely beneficial. Bonus: their team is a pleasure to work with.

Chief Fire Starter, Fireside

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