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How South Korea’s #1 crowdfunding platform Wadiz maximizes ROI with agile practices

Maximizing ROI with an agile digital marketing workflow


Wadiz is the leading crowdfunding platform in South Korea. Their business model comes with its own set of challenges. For one, keeping track of the big picture becomes a real challenge when dozens of new funding campaigns are launched every day and get scattered across different account managers. Plus, they were under constant pressure to adjust marketing budgets based on funding performance. The Wadiz Team tried working around this issue with the help of dedicated managers who oversaw every campaign. Still, tracking spending and funding in real-time remained a very demanding task.


Wadiz invited their account managers to Adriel’s dashboard. Key indicators such as spend and ROAS were set up at the top of the dashboard as default metrics. Doing so allowed managers to check performance in real-time as soon as they logged in, allowing for a quick and agile response to funding fluctuations. Adriel’s software also enabled account managers to adjust budgets, bids, and ad schedules across channels right from their dashboard, ensuring optimal ROI and budget allocation.

Adriel’s Dashboard is so convenient. I’m always curious as to whether I made the right bets or what my investments turn into. Now I know for sure everything’s on the right track.

Director, Wadiz

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