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Ecommerce company By4M keeps track of cash-flows and plans ahead with real-time data

Cost management and budget planning through real-time cash flow analysis


By4M is an eCommerce company focused on providing media content for entertainment platforms. Their marketing investments have been steadily growing in proportion to their rising number of ad accounts and campaigns. Bookkeeping became much more cumbersome, and the risks to untimely and inaccurate financial reporting impeded budget planning and strategy implementation. By4M team began looking for ways to accurately track, measure, and optimize ad spend and results.


Connecting data sources and centralizing information on Adriel allowed By4M to monitor and control all their advertising costs in real-time. By4M used this centralized data source to build an in-house database system. Adriel’s automated alerts helped the By4M team stay on top of performance issues in real-time and allowed for an agile response, thereby minimizing wasted ad spend.

We have dozens of ad accounts, spending large advertising budgets. It was becoming hard for us to manually keep track of all investments accurately for our monthly and annual reports. With Adriel, we can quickly assess cash flows and make marketing budget plans based on real-time data, which allows us to take on new marketing goals.


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