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Hooked Advertising


Hooked Advertising ensures client satisfaction in a fast-paced environment

Ensuring client satisfaction as an agency in a fast-paced environment


Hooked is a Singaporean advertising agency specializing in lead generation and sales for real estate agents. The fast-paced nature of the Real Estate business means a constant inflow of work orders and requests. As a young agency looking after over 130 ad accounts, they felt like they could use an extra pair of hands to boost productivity without increasing headcount - especially in a hyper competitive job market where hiring talent is tough. The Hooked Team decided to turn to automation to fulfill their scalability goals.


Centralizing all client accounts into a single workspace was the first step in lifting some weight off of the Hooked Team’s shoulders. Taking action directly from the dashboard allowed for real-time optimization while automated reports freed their team from the burden of manual processes, giving them the peace of mind and confidence to take on more clients. Segmenting client data through account manager dashboards also helped the Hooked Team turn client management into a straightforward process.

Adriel has been a total game-changer. It took our account managers and analytics team hours to build reports from scratch and standardize them before. Now reports are ready as soon as we log in to our workspace and our clients couldn’t be more happy with our delivery speed.

Z. Kelsey
Founder and CEO, Hooked Advertising

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