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Adriel Glossary
Cost-per-view (CPV)

Cost-per-view (CPV)

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Adriel Glossary
Cost-per-view (CPV)

Cost-per-view (CPV)

Cost-per-view (CPV) on Adriel’s marketing dashboard - Adriel
Cost-per-view (CPV) KPI on Adriel’s marketing dashboard

What is cost-per-view (CPV)?

If you have video ad campaigns, you might want to track their cost-per-view. 

Cost-per-view refers to the price you pay every time someone watches your video ad. For example, Google Ads charges you for a “view” when a viewer watches 30 seconds of your ad or interacts with it in some way, such as clicking on the call-to-action overlays or banners. 

CPV-based video advertising is popular among marketers because it’s more affordable and arguably more effective than text ads. 

With video ads, you’ll only have to pay if someone watches the ad for a specified period of time, or when they engage with your brand. This means you don’t have to pay for viewers who accidentally clicked on your ad, or quickly click out of it.

Cost-per-view formula

Tracking CPVs is a helpful metric in figuring out which ad creative and channel users are interacting with more, and attributing this back to conversions.

To formula to calculate the total cost-per-view for your marketing campaign is hence: 

Total cost of ad campaign
_________________________ = Cost-per-view

Total number of views

For instance, say a company's total cost of advertisement is $2,000 and their total number of views is 10,000. The CPV would therefore be calculated as:

_______ = 0.2


Measuring the CPV of your marketing campaign across all channels means you won’t have to waste your ad dollars on someone who just accidentally clicked into your ad and clicked out of it very quickly, saving both time and resources down the road.

To see what it’s like to measure and analyze campaign performance with absolute ease, book a demo with Adriel and we'll help you build the perfect marketing dashboard.

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