Ad spend

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Ad spend

Ad spend by campaign and channel on Adriel’s marketing dashboard – Adriel
Ad spend KPI on Adriel’s marketing dashboard

What is ad spend?

Ad spend is a subset of a larger marketing budget that represents the total amount of money spent on advertising campaigns. 

This metric is an estimate of the total you've spent on your campaign, ad set, or ad during its schedule. This KPI is present in every company, since it serves as a useful indicator of your marketing team’s overall budget. 

Tracking your total ad spend will show the total amount of money that has been spent on ads so you can easily manage your ad budget and readjust your expenses where necessary.

Why is ad spend important?

Tracking total ad spend is crucial because if you go over the limit, you risk putting your entire marketing budget at stake. As a general rule of thumb, marketers follow the 70-30 rule, where they devote 70% of their advertising budget to tried-and-true channels and reserve the remaining 30% for testing and experimentation.

As an essential KPI, ad spend helps you regulate overall advertising performance, letting you keep track of the amount of money spent on ad variations within a specific marketing campaign or ad set.

How to optimize ad spend on Adriel

To calculate total ad spend, the metric will take data directly from the channels where you have paid ads, so that you can have real-time information on your budget spend and overall performance. 

Marketing dashboards like Adriel optimizes and lets you can see exactly how much your team has spent on all your digital ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google Search and Display, Amazon, and more.

A table including ad spend by channel on Adriel’s marketing dashboard – Adriel 
KPIs results on different channels, including ad spend by campaign on Adriel’s marketing dashboard

In addition, you can also view your total ad spend under the ‘Performance Trends’ section of your marketing dashboard on Adriel along with other KPIs. You can also view results for your campaign’s ad spend by keywords and audience.  

Marketing dashboards like Adriel also let you set custom, real-time alarms that alert you whenever a campaign is going above your set budget, helping you to quickly funnel budget into the right campaigns.

To see what it’s like to measure and analyze campaign performance with absolute ease, head on over to your workspace on Adriel and play around with intelligent dashboards powered by cutting-edge ad operations technology. 

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