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Adriel Glossary
Returning visitors

Returning visitors

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Adriel Glossary
Returning visitors

Returning visitors

Returning visitor vs New visitor on Google Analytics – Adriel
Returning visitor vs New visitor on Google Analytics 

Definition of returning visitors 

Returning visitors is native of Google Analytics, which uses the dimension of ‘User Type’ to differentiate between new visitors and a returning visitor. Google Analytics sets a two-year expiration date on new visitors. Meaning that if someone visited your site in the past two years and returns on the same device, they are marked as a returning visitor.

This KPI is important to every webpage and marketing campaign, as its needed feed the funnel with new users so you can turn them into returning users. Returning visitors is a more qualitative metric that illustrates the number of users who visited your website more than once during a specific period of time. 

Each time a user visits your website, they’re given a unique User ID. Your analytics software, usually Google Analytics or Google Search Console, will track all of these User IDs to determine whether a visitor is a new or returning one.

What is a good new vs. returning visitor ratio?

Tracking tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other marketing dashboards typically show you the percentage of both "new visitors" vs. "returning visitors".

While it typically depends on the industry you’re in, an ideal returning visitor rate should be around 30% to 50%. If you can balance a consistent 50-50% ratio between both new and returning visitors each, then that puts you and your brand in a great position.

Having a good rate of new visitors can lead to higher awareness and loyalty to your brand. Returning visitors are more likely to convert and buy from you, since those who return to your site feel more confident navigating around and know what they came back for. They may also potentially drive more sales by sharing it with friends who might be the right fit for your product or service. 

Measuring returning visitors on Adriel

Returning visitors can dramatically increase your conversion rates. First-time website visitors rarely convert into customers so tracking return visitors is incredibly important in understanding the overall customer journey. 

On Adriel’s marketing dashboard, you can track the ratio of returning and new visitors across the different channels of your marketing campaign. 

A high rate of returning visitors may indicate that your content or advertising efforts are working in building brand awareness and creating lasting impressions that makes people look you up again and revisit your website.

To see what it’s like to measure and analyze campaign performance with absolute ease, head on over to your workspace on Adriel and play around with intelligent dashboards powered by cutting-edge ad operations technology. 

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