Adriel Glossary
Ad Revenue

Ad Revenue

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Adriel Glossary
Ad Revenue

Ad Revenue

12 KPIs marketers must track on marketing attribution dashboard – Adriel
Revenue KPI on Adriel’s marketing dashboard

What is ad revenue

Ad revenue refers to the total amount of money that is generated directly from a marketing activity, including digital, mobile, print, broadcast, and outdoor advertising.

For instance, if you have a Facebook Ad campaign, your ad revenue would be the total amount of sales that the campaign has generated over a set period of time. 

All marketing dashboards will show you exactly which advertising campaign has created how much revenue over a set period of time. This makes it easier for you to compare dollars across different campaigns, channels, and against other marketing metrics.

What is the importance of measuring ad revenue?

While ad revenue is the most rudimentary metric you can track on a marketing dashboard, it helps you understand which ad campaigns or marketing channels are bringing in money and which are draining your wallet. 

Measuring advertising revenue helps you understand the impact, effectiveness, and reach of all your campaigns across all channels, so you can determine what is and isn't working about your marketing strategies.

Measuring ad revenue on Adriel

Adriel’s marketing dashboard lets you view your total ad revenue for your ad campaigns across multiple digital channels, from Facebook and Instagram Ads to Google Search and Display. 

Similar to other KPI metrics available on the dashboard, you can also filter your ad revenue by keywords and audience when using Adriel’s marketing and real-time data visualization tools.

Graphs and numerical charts measuring ad revenue on Adriel’s marketing dashboard – Adriel – Adriel
Measuring ad revenue and other KPIs on Adriel’s marketing dashboard

To see what it’s like to measure and analyze campaign performance with absolute ease, head on over to your workspace on Adriel and play around with intelligent dashboards powered by cutting-edge ad operations technology. 

Talk to our product specialist today.

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