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Connect Taboola to Adriel and instantly access real-time Taboola performance reports alongside all channels of your media mix.

No maintenance, no manual processing, no error risk, no stress.

Unlock the power of automated reporting for Taboola and 650+ media channels in seconds - and without ever needing to write a single line of code.


Automated reporting for Taboola and 650+ Media channels

Save your marketing team dozens of hours every week with automated reporting, data processing, and faster time to insight.

No more scattered data. Integrate Taboola and 650+ channels to Adriel in seconds to get a 360 degree overview of cross-channel marketing performance.

Compare cross-channel advertising performance from a single workspace and make better data-driven decisions, faster.

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Why modern marketing teams choose Adriel

Agencies, Ecommerce, and Paid Social & Search Teams trust Adriel with their data intergration, visualization, and optimization needs.
Get real-time alerts
Automatically track KPIs and insure all your campaigns against unforeseeable errors
Get time back
Get more time for what matters - whether that’s strategy, productivity, or simply life
White label your work
Generate beautifully branded reports in minutes
Foolproof your data
Say goodbye to data transiation risk with automated data transfers and harmonization
Drive better performance
Access a full suite of creative intelligence tools designed to help you maximize performance
Eliminate manual reporting
Spend more time acting for impact and less time on repetitive tasks

Agency? You're in the right place

“Beyond just saving us time on reporting, Adriel has also expanded our capabilities on what we can offer our clients in terms of how reports look, and what data we’re able to pull in a way that makes sense.”
Nicolas Petschen-Ibarra, Account Manager,
Realtime Agency

Say goodbye to legacy reporting

Adriel has been a total game-changer. It used to take our account managers and analytics team hours to build and standardize reports from scratch.
Now reports are ready as soon as we log in to our workspace and our clients couldn’t be more happywith our delivery speed.
Zachary Kelsey
Founder & CEO, Hooked Advertising
Adriel is very adaptive to our needs with managing hundreds of clients. My favorite is the alerts feature - Being able to know when something is off track right away has been hugely beneficial to our team. Bonus: their team is a pleasure to work with.
Brittany Sarconi
Chief Fire Starter, Fireside Agency
It was challenging to get all the data I needed in a single report when I had to process everything in spreadsheets. With Adriel, I get an up-to-date viewof all my ads across every platform any time I wantwith just a few clicks.
Antonio Calero
Senior PPC Manager, Agorapulse
Adriel is an extremely comprehensive and useful tool for all our marketing efforts. We know where the money goes and can reconcile that in one view,which is awesome. You don’t have to check a ton ofad platforms every morning.
You just log in to Adriel and check it there.
A. Eriksson
Founder and CEO, Anabolic Health

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