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Adriel expands to Silicon Valley

We're very excited to officially announce that we are expanding our operations to the US with a Silicon Valley launch!

Adriel expands to Silicon Valley

We're very excited to officially announce that we are expanding our operations to the US with a Silicon Valley launch!

Ad Management Solutions for Instant Insights and Rapid Response

To support businesses in an increasingly complex and diversified digital marketing world, we've launched a full suite of solutions to give organizations clear visibility of their advertising investments across all channels, compare results across platforms and optimally allocate their budgets based on unbiased metrics and data to achieve better ROI.

The Valley has always been ground zero for companies at the forefront of digital technologies so it was only natural for us to want to take part in this dynamic environment more officially. We realized that our solution is welcomed by large businesses whose needs can be very industry specific, and keeping this thought in mind we built Adriel to be as flexible as possible, but we also wanted to be able to provide excellent customer service and training for our corporate clients. Establishing an office with on-field experts will allow us to provide more value and keep high standards when delivering custom solutions and support to our customers.

Here's what we do:

  • Adriel’s Marketing Command Center acts as a single hub to get a 360-degree view of your advertising performance across locations, employees, clients, and seamlessly become data-driven. Users can set up custom alarms to get real-time notifications on the performance of their advertising campaigns anywhere they are and take action immediately with an interactive dashboard. Updating settings from Adriel’s dashboard applies changes to all channels in real-time.
  • With a focus on ROAS, we help you determine which investments are yielding the most returns. With our granular approach, we are taking the lead on competition by enabling our users to compare ROI not only by channel, but right down to the specific ad creative they are investing in - with instant, live data.
  • New tools and workflow allows Adriel’s users to respond and allocate resources & services quickly from a single command center. Our users can take action and edit campaign settings across all channels directly using deep technology. Record and understand data, quickly triage and evaluate campaigns, and scale high-performing ad campaigns. Brands and agencies can streamline their respective operations and grow business with Adriel’s new services and enhanced reporting. Deliver more value to your clients with complete operational transparency via a dashboard that visually displays real-time performance, all while safeguarding your data by user access!

And now, always make sure you're never missing out on critical insights with our brand new app!

It's all your data in one hand. Literally. Access all your dashboard’s data with our mobile app and get alerted through push notifications for any change in performance. Remain confident in your investments and make the most out of every opportunity to maximize returns. Unrivalled accessibility no matter where you are.

Find out why 5,500+ businesses worldwide trust us for higher returns on digital marketing, and start your free trial today!

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