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Anabolic Health


Supplements Ecommerce company Anabolic Health gets more insights into omnichannel ROAS

Managing ROAS with an omnichannel strategy


Anabolic Health is a nutraceutical startup committed to providing research-backed supplements for hormonal health. They spotted opportunities in expanding their marketing mix to include new platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, and Reddit. It turned out to be both blessing and a curse. With a greater number of customer acquisition funnels came the burden of managing all the data that flowed through these new platforms. KPIs got lost in the mix, and they had a hard time accurately outlining what was driving performance. Anabolic Health tried using various tools to create weekly marketing reports, but none proved as effective as they wanted in tracking ROAS, especially at the ad creative level.


Connecting all their data sources into Adriel’s dashboard did the trick. Anabolic Health could access cross-channel metrics unified under a single data model, which helped their team define exactly what worked and what didn’t. Adjusting the marketing mix became infinitely easier with access to a bird’s eye view on relevant performance data. Being able to explore ROAS at a granular level across all channels without spending hours building reports and combing through data points also proved game-changing in driving better results, faster.

Adriel is an extremely comprehensive and useful tool for all of our marketing efforts. We know where the money goes and can reconcile that in one view, which is awesome. You don’t have to check a ton of ad platform dashboards every morning. You simply log into Adriel and check it there.

A. Eriksson
Founder and CEO, Anabolic Health

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