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Adriel Joins LinkedIn Marketing Partner [+ LinkedIn Reporting Template]

Adriel is now officially a LinkedIn Marketing Partner for Reporting and ROI! Also, grab a ready-made LinkedIn Ad reporting template here.
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Adriel Joins LinkedIn Marketing Partner [+ LinkedIn Reporting Template]

Adriel is now officially a LinkedIn Marketing Partner for Reporting and ROI! Also, grab a ready-made LinkedIn Ad reporting template here.

Exciting news - Adriel is now a LinkedIn Marketing Partner for Reporting and ROI! 

This means our marketing dashboard has been approved by LinkedIn as trusted technology to aggregate data from all your marketing channels and gain insights into multichannel performance. 

Read on to find out what this means and grab a ready-made LinkedIn marketing template below. 

What are LinkedIn Marketing Partners?

LinkedIn Marketing partners are a global community of LinkedIn-approved technology and service providers. There are 5 types of marketing partners:

  • Page management
  • Campaign management
  • Audiences and lead generation
  • Reporting and ROI
  • Content and creative

As a Reporting and ROI partner, Adriel offers:

  1. Cross-channel reporting: Adriel’s AdOps platform makes it easy to report on and measure the marketing performance of your multi-channel advertising campaigns in real-time, on a single dashboard.
  2. Custom reports: On Adriel, you can use ready-made report templates to visualize your data and download white labeled ad campaign reports with one click, saving you time and energy on reporting. Also, you can set custom alerts that notifies you in real-time when KPIs trend up or down according to predetermined conditions.
  3. Custom dashboards: We help marketers build custom dashboards with custom metrics and breakdowns so you can identify which creative, targeting, and campaign are actually driving growth.
  4. Click-based attribution: Attribution is difficult, but we make it easy by mapping LinkedIn data to leads, conversions, and revenue.

"Becoming a LinkedIn Marketing Partner, which has a global network of experts, is a new opportunity for Adriel to strengthen our global capabilities. We will actively work to provide more convenient and comprehensive services so all LinkedIn marketers can achieve remarkable results," said Sophie Eom, CEO of Adriel. 

You can browse for all LinkedIn partners here: LinkedIn Marketing Directory

How do I analyze LinkedIn Ads performance?

If you’re looking to analyze LinkedIn Ads performance, it’s super easy to do that on Adriel. Just grab this LinkedIn Ads reporting template and follow the steps below. Your data will automatically flow into the dashboard within minutes. No coding and technical knowledge required.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

Step 1: Create an account

Sign up for Adriel here with your email for 14 days free. Afterwards, choose a pricing plan that suits your needs. 

Step 2: Connect to data sources

Drop-down menu to connect to data sources - Adriel

Simply choose from your marketing channels a drop-down list to start importing dimensions and metrics. 

Adriel supports integrations with up to 5000+ data sources, including ad platforms, social media channels, analytics tools, and eCommerce platforms, such as:

  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • …and more

And if you don’t see an integration that we support natively, we can create custom integrations just for you. 

Step 3:  Visualize your data

Once your data sources are connected, use our ready-made templates to instantly see all your KPIs in minutes. Or, start from a blank page and choose your data visualization widgets and graph types. 

On Adriel, you can also customize your live dashboards with your client’s or your brand’s logos and visuals. Here’s an example of how this looks like:

A screenshot of Adriel's customizable marketing dashboard - Adriel

Step 4: Create different views for different stakeholders

If you’re a marketing agency, you want to be able to present different sets of information to different stakeholders. Set up different views for each role or client on Adriel with different access restrictions in just a few clicks. 

Step 5: Download white labeled LinkedIn reports

Adriel's LinkedIn report template - Adriel

When the time comes for monthly reporting, download white labeled marketing reports in a few clicks for your C-Suite or your clients. Share links to live dashboards or extend invitations to collaborate in real-time. 

How do I structure my LinkedIn Ads reporting dashboard? 

When structuring your LinkedIn Ads Dashboard, it's crucial to analyze not only overall campaign metrics but also individual ad creatives. These granular insights reveal which keywords, emojis, and ad creatives resonate with your audience and what doesn’t, informing more effective ad strategies for the future. 

This is how we structured our LinkedIn Ads dashboard template

  1. LinkedIn Ads metrics overview

A comprehensive look of how your LinkedIn Ads are doing, based on goals and KPIs that you’ve predetermined. Some metrics you can track here include:

LinkedIn ads metrics overview - Adriel
  1. CTR analysis

This section breaks down the number of impressions vs. number of clicks on your LinkedIn campaigns, including details of CTR for each ad creative. 

CTR analysis on a LinkedIn reporting template - Adriel
  1. Cost analysis

A detailed analysis of how much your LinkedIn ads cost in total and per ad creative. 

Cost analysis on a LinkedIn reporting template - Adriel
  1. Ad creative details

See all your ad creatives in one place. Monitor ad spend, impressions, link clicks, CTR, CPC, and CPM for each ad creative in real-time. Automate your entire creative data analysis process for PPC campaigns.

A pivot table showing ad creative details on LinkedIn ad campaigns - Adriel

Grab this LinkedIn Ads reporting template to start making your own today. Or book a demo with one of Customer Success Managers here!

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