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All You Need to Know: Sitelinks & Callout Extensions

One way to stand out in a crowded online marketplace is to include extensions in your Google Ads.

All You Need to Know: Sitelinks & Callout Extensions

One way to stand out in a crowded online marketplace is to include extensions in your Google Ads.

One way to stand out in a crowded online marketplace is to include extensions in your Google Ads. With regards to PPC advertising, competition can be high and businesses will need to consider all angles to get those qualified clicks. After all, each search results page only allows a limited number of ads to be shown — and even then, your chances for clicks are only about 10%. But by integrating extensions, you’ll not only increase your chances of being placed on the search results page, but you’ll also give people more reasons to choose your business once they see your ad.

There are currently a total of 17 different extensions available on Google. These range from call buttons to location details, but the two main ones we’ll cover today are sitelinks and callouts. At first, these two extensions may appear to be the same thing. They both integrate texts that will be added to your ads. But upon further inspection, you’ll find them to have several advantages that are distinct from one another.

Sitelink Extensions

Google Search Ad site link extensions

Sitelinks offer advertisers the option to display a specific part of their website to customers. For example, instead of having just one landing page for ads, you can also include links to your “Contact Us” page and/or “FAQ” page. Also, if you have a collection of products you want to focus your conversions on, you can include the link to these specific product pages as well.

What are the sitelinks benefits?

The main advantage of utilizing sitelinks is increasing the ads’ click-through-rates.

Line graph of Google Ad site link performance

But increased click-through-rates are the result of several other benefits that sitelinks come with. Advertisers with sitelinks are more likely to decrease bounce rates, increase link visibility, and bring in more quality leads. Besides, advertisers can add multiple landing pages to reach a broader audience but remain relevant. All this to say, sitelinks are a powerful feature to enhance your PPC campaigns, and not using them would be a mistake if you are looking to improve your campaigns’ performance.

Callout Extensions

Google Ads Callout Extension

While sitelinks contain a link, callouts are made up with texts. With callout extensions, you can highlight important features and/or promotions like free shipping or 24-hour customer service. Callouts can show up in a variety of ways depending on the device being used and other factors. The best way to get the most out of your callout extensions is to be specific with your wording and only highlight important aspects of your business in a few words or very short phrases.

What are the callout extensions benefits?

Implementing callout extensions can provide a small nudge to viewers and help your ads perform better. If you are planning to put callout extensions into practice, here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Similar to sitelink extensions, your click-through-rate will improve.
  • Freeway to “beef” up your ads with additional details about your business.
  • If you have sales, it’s the best opportunity to showcase discount offers.
  • Google factors callout extensions into their ad ranking algorithm, thus giving your ads a better chance to appear higher up on the page.

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