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Adriel. Your dedicated online marketing team backed by AI. We give better ideas on your ad copy, image, targeting and more. Facebook and Google Ads in one place.

Streamlining your ad management from A to Z

Have a website or an app to advertise? Simply share the link with Adriel and you'll see your ideal ads in the format of Google, Facebook, Instagram and Apple App Store. We'll take care of everything from content creation to audience settings. Then get reports from your active ad platforms and manage data & insights in one place. Our centralized dashboard is what our customers love the most.
Smart Ad Creator
Insights from data
Centralized Dashboard

“I don’t need to be an expert to be good at ads.”

Richard Luxury Transportation UK

Smart ad creator

Our smart ad creator rolls out the most relevant ad content and platform choices based on your website or app. Adriel's suggested ads are already in the dedicated format of each platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, App Store and more. One more thing - get inspirations from our automatic target audience suggestions too.

Insights from data

Get real-time data from multiple ad platforms, enhanced by Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. Understand the actions required with our comprehensive cross-channel results page, which signals the ideal platform, creative and demographics to invest in.

Central ad management system

Centralize all your online advertising from Google, Facebook, Instagram, App Store and more for easy comparison and billing. You can easily make changes to multiple ads in a single page with Adriel.

Get a bird’s-eye view of all your ad data in one place

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